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GenFriends: Season 6-Day 9 with Special Guests JD and Jenn from Team Black!

On this episode of GenFrineds, Cheri, Melissa Barker, Bernice Bennett, Kathryn Lake Hogan, and Shelley Murphy welcome JD and Jenn from Team Black to talk about Day 9 and ask about personal experiences on the race.

The day began with Team Red's Nicole and Ray mapping out possible ways out of town, Deshae from Team Green presenting her newfound biological mom with photos of son Houston, and Uncle Kevin giving Team Blue's Anitra some personal items to help encourage them on the next couple of days on the race.

Because they had won day 8, Team Green had to decide who to give a 5-minute penalty to. They could choose any team at any time of the day to pull over and wait. They decided to give the "time out" to Team Blue. Their rationale? Team Blue had the ability to give all of the teams a 5-minute penalty on Day 2 and choose to use it so, DeShae and Chris decided it was only fair to give Team Blue a bit of payback.  Anitra and Paul used their time on the side of the road to "get their Rocky on" and had fun working out!

The challenge this week "Fact or Feast" was in a word: Disgusting! lol!
Each team member took a turn answering a trivia question. If the question was answered correctly, a good treat was the reward, if wrong, something nasty.
For instance, the first food options were a donut or lard. LARD!!!
The teams had to get through 10 questions before receiving their relative's address.
Some of the comments were so funny! Ray said the lard tasted like germs and tasted like the flu!
Chris had a really hard time eating cocoa powder! Who wouldn't? He was coughing up puffs of powder and couldn't swallow.
DeShae was not sure she was going to keep everything down. She asked if there was a side of Tums!
Anitra seemed to have figured out a pattern to the questions early on and they quickly got through the challenge.

Day 9 was another emotional episode full of family connections.
DeShae was able to meet a cousin on her father's side. She was the daughter of the sister of DeShae's Gran Mary.  It was especially touching as her biological father had asked his cousin Nancy to meet DeShae on the race.  Chris and DeShae joined their new family for "Ducks at the Peabody". New to most of us, including Team Green,  the hotel in Memphis has a twice-daily attraction featuring the ducks in its indoor pond.  It was such a hit with DeShae, I thought I'd share the link!

Ray met with a first cousin of his father.  She was thrilled with how much Ray looked like his biological father and showed him some photos.  Unfortunately, she also had to break the sad news that his father had passed away.  Through the conversation, Ray learned he had brothers and a sister he could make contact with. Although he would not be able to meet his biological father, Ray now had a name and information that he didn't have when the race began.

As Anitra walked up to the house to meet her final relative, the whole viewing audience held their breath! Was the man standing there her biological father? As she asked "whose relative are you?: he answered with much emotion, "Anitra, I am your dad!".  Tears. The look on her face was priceless.
Coming into the race, she thought she would be upset with him but as they talked and shared stories, Anitra said she felt at peace. She thanked him for the choice made to have her put up for adoption so she could have the life that she does.  He said he would like to meet her parents and thank them.
So much love shared. We hope they were able to continue and build a good relationship in the months that have followed their meeting.

With two teams having the possibility to get their third strike, the Skype call and results were nerve-wracking.  Again, the love and support of each team as they shared who they had met on Day 9 was amazing. Unfortunately, when the times were announced, it was Team Red who came in last and received their third and final strike. It was so hard to say goodbye to Ray and Nicole!

Coming in first and receiving a reward of being able to video chat with their family was Team Blue! How beautiful is their little girl? So fun to see them talk with her for the first time since the race began!

Day 9 of Relative Race left only two teams standing to go to the final day. Who will win the $50,0000? What will the challenge be? All we know is that is will be something to do with racing as Dan announced the teams will meet in Connecticut at a Raceway! They're getting those suits on to complete their journey!

JD and Jenn
Team Black
Riding Around on Scooters in their Racing Suits on Day 1!

To make our discussion even better was having JD and Jenn from Team Black join us!
We missed seeing them on Day 9!
JD opened up about his experiences and family connections made on the show. Jenn talked about how fun it was to meet family she had never spent time with as well.
They shared their feelings for the other teams and thoughts on Day 9.

To listen to our GenFriends discussion about Day 9 and hear from JD and Jenn click on the video below!

Thank you for joining us, Team Black! We appreciate your influence on the teams this year and how with your help, it's been the best season of Relative Race so far!

Did you know that Team Blue-Paul and Anitra are doing a Podcast called 
"After the Race" that comes out on Wednesdays?
We never can get enough Relative Race!
Here's the link!

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Melissa Barker-A Genealogist in the Archives
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Shelley Murphy-Family Tree Girl
Cheri Hudson Passey-Carolina Girl Genealogy

We'd love to hear your thoughts about Days 9!

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