Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Picture, a Blog Post and a DNA Test

      In March of 2014, I wrote a post called Family Friends Friday-Well Maybe... about finding a picture on ebay of Lenora Ridgill and my hopes of returning it to her family and a follow up post called Matrilineal Monday-Finding Lenora's Descendants about how I was able to do just that!  You can read them by clicking on the links. 
   The picture was returned to Lori Abrams Rauchwerger , Lenora's 3rd great granddaughter. 
Lenora Ridgill
Clarendon County, SC

 I thought that was the end of the story until last week when my AncestryDNA test was processed and I was reviewing my matches.
  As I scrolled down the list my eye caught a familiar picture. It was Lori!
 Turns out we have a DNA match that leads to a common ancestor: 

  Claudius Richbourg (1715-1788) from St. Mark's Parish, South Carolina is our 7th great grandfather. 
 How incredible is that? We are both stunned. 

Thanks for helping me find a cousin, Lenora!

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

This Week On My Family History Calendar

Oct. 26-Nov.1

Oct. 28~
 My paternal Great Great Grandfather, Arthur Wellington Baker (1857-1940), died 74 years ago in Sumter County, South Carolina as a result of heart disease. He is buried in Sumter City Cemetery, Sumter, South Carolina.

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Come Connect.Restore.Refresh~FGS 2015


         Have you ever been to a genealogy conference? If not and you have an interest in or a passion for searching for your ancestors, a conference is a must!
  Salt Lake City, Utah will be the location for the The Federation of Genealogical Societies annual conference along with Rootstech in February 2015. Two conferences happening at the same time in the same place. Kind of reminds me of the old Reeses Peanut Butter Cup commercial. Two great things that go together!
    The theme for FGS2015 is Connect.Explore.Refresh. A great description of what a genealogy conference should be.  

   First, let's talk about how exciting it is to Connect at conferences. The ones I have attended before have been a wonderful place to meet new genealogy friends and to see old ones. For those of us on social media, it gives the opportunity to meet all those Twitter, FB, G+ and blogging friends that we've only talked to virtually. Some look like their media pictures and others...well, that's part of the fun! During previous conferences I have connected with presenters who have taken the time to answer my questions,  professional genealogists who were willing to share their ideas, and many who I have sat next to in class who "just happened" to be researching some of the same areas that I am.  Many of these I continue to connect with and truly enjoy calling friends! Oh, and did I mention the lunches, dinners and other social activities that go on at a conference? Here's a little known secret....genealogists know how to have fun! 
Meeting with friends at NGS2014

   Next is  Explore. The schedule  for FGS2015, gives opportunities for many topics to explore. Whether you are just starting out or have been researching for decades, there is something for everyone. Then of course, there's exploring the exhibit hall! Anything and everything genealogy from software, websites and societies to books, jewelry and clothing  will be available. The opportunity to visit the Family History Library which is near the conference site is another way to explore. Planning time to do some research there is a must!

Family History Library
Salt Lake City, Utah

  Last, but very important is Refresh. Something so needed when research, deadlines, and day to day life gets in the way of the joy in the journey.  From personal experience, I know that a conference can motivate, inspire and bring back the joy. The energy is contagious, The opportunity to learn and grow enormous. I have come away each time with a renewed love of genealogy and family history work as well as a sense of belonging to such a wonderful diverse community.
      So come Connect. Explore. Refresh  in Salt Lake  Feb. 11-14, 2015! 

On top of all  the wonderful things happening at FGS2015 in February, the keynote speaker for Saturday February, 14 will be none other than Donny Osmond !
 Be still my heart...on Valentine's Day! 
Donny Osmond mid 1970's
Pretty sure this was one of the many pics of him on my wall!


Sunday, October 19, 2014

This Week On My Family History Calendar

Oct. 19-Oct. 24

Oct. 20~
   Emily Elizabeth Vaughn Dargan (1797-1865), my paternal 4th Great Grandmother was born on this day 217 years ago. She was the daughter of William Vaughn (1764-1857) and Alice Cook Vaughn (1774-1859).  She may have been born in the Sumter County area of South Carolina.

Oct. 22~
   My maternal Great Grandmother, Loretta McManus Daughrity (1894-1936) was born in Sumter County, South Carolina 120 years ago. She was the daughter of William Amos McManus (1854-1914) and Francis Virginia McRady McManus (1856-1903).

Oct. 24~
    This day is the 21st anniversary of the death of my paternal Great Grandmother, Emma Ruth Baker Early (1901-1993), Ruth died  of congestive heart failure in Columbia, Richland, South Carolina. She is buried in the Sumter City Cemetery in Sumter, South Carolina.

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Funny~Grandmom and Frank

   On of my current projects is to scan and file all the pictures that were found at my Grandmother's house after her death. While sorting through them, this picture of my maternal Grandmother Azile Juanita Daughrity Roberts Sullivan (1921-2009) and step Grandfather, Frank Emerson Sullivan, Jr. (1923-2004) bought a smile to my face and tears to my eyes.

Frank and Azile Sullivan

  This is one of my favorite pictures of the two of them. It was taken on the monorail  while visiting Disney World in the early 1990's. 
 I absolutely love the laughter on their faces and miss sharing moments like this with them.

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

This Week On My Family History Calendar

Oct. 12-Oct.18

  Oct. 13~

     My maternal Great Grandparents, Manning David Daughrity, Jr. (1890-1931) and Loretta McManus (1894-1936) were married 102 years ago on this day. David was 22 and Etta 17 when they married in Bishopville, Lee, South Carolina in 1902.

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

This Week On My Family History Calendar

4 Oct. - 11 Oct.

    Oct. 6~
         This day would have marked the 74th wedding anniversary for my maternal grandparents, Gilbert Ernest Roberts (1920-1944) and Azile Juanita Daughrity (1921-2009). Gilbert was 20 and Azile 18 when they were married in Lancaster, South Carolina.

  Oct. 11~
       Ezra A. Hudson (1821-1882),  my paternal Great Great Grandfather,  would be 193 years old on this day.  Ezra was born in Darlington District, South Carolina.
     My maternal 3rd Great Grandmother, Mary Jane Brown McRady (1821-1894), was born 120 years ago.  She lived in Sumter County, South Carolina and may have been born there as well. 

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