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GenFriends: Season 6-Day 10 plus the Teams Reunite!

We have a winner of Relative Race Season 6!
Cheri and the panel, Melissa Barker and Kathryn Hogan, talk to Team Blue and Team Green about the challenges of Day 10 plus welcome Team Red and Team Black for a Reunion! 

Day 10 took place at Naskart, the largest multi-level Kart track in the world, in Montville, Connecticut,  The season started and ended on a racetrack! 
Each team had an opportunity to earn 5 Medals. 
The team with the most medals would win the $50,000 Grand Prize.

The Day 10 Challenges:
1-RC Skeeball: The teams had to drive a remote control car up a ramp and land them into the hole worth the most points!
2-RR Trivia: Using various methods such as a shopping cart and a tricycle each team had to make their way to a station where they had to answer a trivia question. If the question was answered incorrectly, the team had to return to the start. This tested their knowledge of the past seasons and seemed to be a shoo-in for Team Greem who had studied and put together a notebook with info on each show.
3-The Grand Prix!  Times were recorded for individual lap times, team lap times, and how long it took to change two tires on one car in the Pit Stop.

Whew! That's a lot of racing and thinking on your feet!

The skeeball turned into a demolition derby as the cars kept crashing either on accident or accidentally on purpose! In the end, Team Blue pulled out the win for the first medal.
The trivia challenge showed that both teams had a good knowledge of past seasons. The methods of transportation between stations was a challenge in and of themselves as it was hard to push, ride and slide around the track to the stations!  Team Green missed their last question putting them back to the start and causing them to come in behind Team Blue.
Anitra and Paul took the lead with two medals.
The Grand Prix had the guys competing hard.  Paul and Chris took a few hits and spin-outs as they tried to get the fastest times for the individual and team results. Each team used their time alone on the track while the other was in the Pit Stop to push their speed. Anitra shared that the episode didn't truly show how slow she was going. I am with you! I wouldn't have been driving on that track very fast either! In the end, it came down to who would take the last three medals.
Team Green won the first two for the time in the Pit Stop and the fastest all-around time. 
At that point, it was tied. With the results of the individual time announced, the last and final medal went to Team Green. Chris came in just 4 minutes ahead of  Paul!
DeSahae and Chris won the most medals, making them the winners of Relative Race Season 6!

Team Blue was so gracious as they congratulated Team Green. Paul had us in tears as he comforted Anitra as she felt she had perhaps not done as well as she had hoped and reminded everyone that they were winners with the family they had connected with during the earlier 9 days.

Deshae was speechless! Too funny! Both she and Chris were loving and kind in their win over Team Blue.  A powerful show of love and friendship that started out on Day 1 and carried through the season. 

It was an honor to have all four teams join us to talk about not only Day 10, but the season and how it impacted their lives. They are truly bonded and showed their love and commitment to their newfound family as they bonded as fellow teams on the show.  It's real and contagious!

Click below and watch as GenFriends talks to all four of the teams from Relative Race Season 6!

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  1. The racing sounds exciting to watch. And I love the idea of a trivia challenge!

    1. It's such a great show! Hope you get a chance to watch!