Monday, March 22, 2021

Focus on Societies-A Virtual Event from The National Genealogical Society


 Why sign up for the Focus on Societies Virtual Event? 

Here's a list of what you will get straight from those who are putting it all together:

Focus on Societies Virtual Event

ACCESSIBILITY - for the first time, society leadership know-how becomes accessible not just by the few board members or committee chairs who travel to the conference, but by your full society leadership team. This means all those who hose who make your society tick day in and day out (newsletter editor, webmaster, membership chair, etc.) can tap into current best practices and tips on building leadership, attracting new members, planning/holding online meetings and events, developing newsletters and publications in our digital world and more.

AFFORDABILITY - for the first time, a society group rate makes it especially affordable ($100 for the first 5 society leadership team members and $20 for each additional) to send ALL your society leaders to the specific session(s) that will help them be more effective and take less time in performing their volunteer leadership role. Attendance does not require a full conference pass.

DEEPENED BENCH STRENGTH / ATTRACTING AND RETAINING VOLUNTEERS - a unique opportunity to train, retain, and groom your current and upcoming society leadership volunteers.

NETWORKING - Chat with the speakers, panelists, and other society leader participants during the sessions.

SOCIETY MANAGEMENT QUESTIONS ANSWERED - Get new perspectives and information on your society management questions.

NEW IDEAS GENERATION - after the conference, poll your participating NGS Focus on Societies team for recommendations your society can act on to achieve more members and more mission with less time.

 I am honored to be part of this virtual event.

The new NGS promised and they are delivering!

Take advantage of the society group rate and sign up those in your group's leadership today!

Sign up here!


  1. Sounds like it will be fun and informative.

    1. We are hoping the society members will have a good time and see that we are trying to make sure they aren't forgotten with the merger.