Saturday, August 25, 2018

Genea-Musings :Saturday Night Genealogy Fun -- Earliest Known Birth Date in Your Family Tree

Once again, Randy Seaver of Genea-Musings had issued a challenge 
This week's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun is to look for the earliest known birth date in your family tree.
For this challenge, we are to show who it is and how we found out.
He also says we get bonus points for finding the birth date for the earliest ancestor to be born in the Northern Hemisphere.

My earliest birth date is for my 11th great grandfather Richard Taylor born about 1574 in Kent County, England. From my notes section for Richard in Legacy, I  have recorded that Richard is said to have arrived in Virginia in 1608 on the Mary Margaret and settled at the neck of land in Charles City. He was classified as an "Ancient Planter" A muster roll from January 1624 shows Richard, a wife, and a three-month-old daughter. Son Robert, my 10th great grandfather who is said to have been born about 1624 may be my first ancestor born in North America.

There is much to do on all my lines, and this is most likely to change as I gain more information.

How did I find out which ancestor?

I located the information by pulling up my Legacy Family Tree software and going to the search form.
In it, I clicked "Individual" with the conditions "Birth Date" and "Before"  and "1600". 
The name with the earlies birthdate found was Richard Taylor. 

Take the challenge! Who in your family tree has the earliest birth date? What about North American births? Who was the first?

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