Friday, August 24, 2018

Friend of Friends Friday~Releasing the Names from John Milton Dargan's Estate

Friend of Friends Friday is a blog prompt found on that encourages extracting the names of the enslaved found in documents while researching. 
By extracting and sharing the names we hope to enable their descendants to find them. 

The probate packet of John  Milton Dargan (1799-1847) of Sumter District, South Carolina names those who were enslaved on his property.

Will of John Milton Dargan pg. 1

On the first page, John wills that his slaves are to be kept together and worked on his plantation for the use and support of his wife and children. He also states his wishes that they then be divided among his children upon the death of his wife,
 One "negro girl Betty" is mentioned as already being in the possession of his daughter Leonora.

Will of John Milton Dargan, pg. 2

Again on the second page, John refers to his "slaves" and says they are not to be sold to pay for any debts. No others are mentioned by name.

Inventory of the Estate of John Milton Dargan

The names of the enslaved do appear in the inventory of his estate. They are:

May they be remembered and reuinited with their family's.
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