Thursday, October 5, 2017

The RootsTech 2018 Schedule is Out! Time to Start Planning Classes!

Registered for RootsTech 2018 or thinking about it?
The schedule of sessions is now online.
Take a look and get started planning your days!
Click here to see what's being offered this year.
Deciding on which classes to take at RootsTech can be overwhelming. My suggestion? Take a step back from the schedule and answer some questions of yourself to help narrow down your choices.

Using Identity Characteristics to Locate Your Ancestors
Angela Paker McGhie
RootsTech 2017

First-What is your level of experience? Are you a beginning genealogist or have you been researching for years?

Second-Are there topics you need to understand better or are new to you? What do you need to help you become a better genealogist?

Third-Who do you want to hear speak? We all have our favorite speakers. Is there someone you don't want to miss? We all have people we want to learn from no matter what their presentation is about.

Fourth-Do you like to learn by doing? RootsTech offers several labs to help put the instruction into practice.

Fifth-Remember to have fun! Each class can offer you something. We never know everything and even a professional can learn from a beginner class. Think out of the box and attend a class for the fun of it!

Once you have your schedule filled out it's not set in stone. You may change your mind at the last minute and decide to attend another when you get there. Listen to what others are saying and suggesting. A class or lecturer may be recommended by another attendee you had not considered.
The RootsTech app should be out soon making it easier to create your schedule to consult each day. That announcement will be shared on my blog with instructions on how to download and use it.

Learning about WWI and WWII Records
David Allen Lambert

Take a look at the many sessions being offered at RootsTech 2018. What classes are you excited about?

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