Tuesday, October 3, 2017

"Researching in School Records" an In-Brief With IDG Guide by Melissa Barker~Review

A new In-Brief with IDG Guide from the In-Depth Genealogist is available. The following in my review of this new product.

In her In-Brief with IDG Guide “Researching in School Records,” Melissa Barker shares important information on why, how and where to begin looking for your ancestors in these records.
Melissa begins by listing the types of schools that may have been available in the areas we are researching. Knowing about the community our ancestors lived in may help to point us to possible educational opportunities in the area, leading us to locate the various types of records possibly created.
Types of records can include special school censuses, enrollment and attendance records. Melissa explains what information often in the various types.
Other ideas on where to find school information include yearbooks and newspapers.
She cautions not to overlook Yearbooks and school photographs and explains where we may find them.
What if your ancestors didn’t attend school? Melissa also addresses this issue in the guide. She shares resources you may not have thought of that may mention them even if they weren’t a student.
After explaining the why, how and what the records that may exist, Melissa supplies a comprehensive list of links to sites with searchable school records, state archives, religious holdings, and articles on the topic of using school records for research.
When we are researching our ancestors, we should look beyond the typical birth, marriage and death records to see what else may help us to understand their lives. Looking for school records and the information they may provide is a step not to miss.
 Melissa Barker’s In-Brief with IDG Guide “Researching in School Records” gives the necessary information to begin using this important resource.

Disclaimer: A free copy of the In-Brief Guide “Researching in School Records” was provided for purposes of reviewing.
I am also an affiliate with the In-Depth Genealogist.

Have you used school records in your research?
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