Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Wedding Wednesday~Walter and Mary

My maternal Great-Great Uncle, Walter Crawford Roberts (1896-1983) and Mary Pauline (Bundrick) Roberts (1896-1955) were married in Columbia, Richland, South Carolina 7 December 1914. They were both 18 years old.

Walter and Mary
Wedding Day
7 December 1914
Walter and Mary raised 12 children in the Olympia Mill Village in Columbia, Richland, South Carolina. Walter worked in the Cotton Mills while Mary took care of the home. As her children got older, Mary also began working in the Mill.
Mary and Walter

   They were married for nearly 41 years when Mary died suddenly in Jacksonville, Duval, Florida. Her body was brought back to South Carolina where she was buried in Olympia Cemetery in Columbia.

Walter and Florence
 Walter married widow Florence (Graham) Reddick (1905-2002) two years later. They were married for 26 years before he died in 1983.

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  1. Walter must have married young to begin with and then lived a long time to have been married a total of 67 years.

    1. Wendy, Walter was married at 18 and died at 87. He was widowed for two years before he married again. A long time to be married isn't it?