Thursday, September 8, 2016

Book Review~Genealogy Basics in 30 Minutes-Shannon Combs-Bennett

New to the In 30 Minutes Guides is Shannon Combs-Bennett's Genealogy Basics in 30 Minutes.
 Written for the beginner and experienced alike, Shannon explains the how to's and gives tips on basic genealogy principles in an easy to read format.
 Starting with an introduction that explains why people are interested in genealogy she moves on to several important research topics.
 The chapters in Genealogy in 30 Minutes include:
1-Starting With Your Family Tree with topics on record types and dealing with brick walls.
2-Genealogy Road Trips explains how to use repositories to look for family documents and what to include in a portable genealogy kit.
3-Oneline Research, Genetic Genealogy, and other Resources discusses where to begin online, learning from the genealogy community, and a basic guide to genetic genealogy.
4-Tracking and Sharing Your Research gives important information on using forms and charts to keep you organized and walks you through writing source citations. Shannon also shares how to write about your family history in order to share it with others.
5-How to Tame Sprawling Records goes over organization methods, including using computer programs. An important discussion on disaster prevention in order to preserve and safe keep all of your research, documents, and pictures is also part of this closing chapter.

Shannon has included Case Studies for each of the chapters to explain and help readers to understand the various topics included in the book. She also provides ProTips and Pitfall warnings throughout.

An Appendix includes a Pedigree and Cousin Charts and a list of 20 questions to ask relatives to help kids get involved.

This basic genealogy book is a fast, informative read that will get you on your way if you are ready to begin your genealogy journey or are looking for tips to jump start or push past a problem area.

Disclaimer:  A free copy of the book was provided for reviewing.

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  1. Looks like a good read. May I recommend another book, Common People In Pursuit of My Ancestors by Alison Light.