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52 Ancestors Week 21-Military~Thomas Lemuel Thames

   Many of my ancestors have served in the military. 
  For Week 21 of 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks, Thomas Lemuel Thames (1827-1863), my paternal 3rd Great Grandfather is the subject.
  In the 1860 US Federal Census of Clarendon County, South Carolina, Thomas and family were living in Wrights Bluff.
 With the start of the Civil War Thomas joined the Hampton Legion of the South Carolina Volunteers. He was part of the Company C, Infantry Division.  His Compiled Service Record shows that he enlisted on April 15, 1862 in Sumter, South Carolina.

Muster Roll
Thomas L. Thames
March and April 1862 image

 It appears from the Muster Rolls that during most of Thomas' service in the Confederate Army, he was ill. He was in and out of the Hospital in Richmond, Virginia and reported as absent due to sickness several times. One record has him absent-sick with diarrhea. This seems to have been common with the soldiers in Hampton's Legion.

Muster Roll
T.L. Thames
31 Oct. 1862-Dec. 5 1862 image

 Thomas was eventually furloughed and went home to his family in South Carolina. Passed down through the years is the story of his homecoming. It is said that Thomas Thames was so dirty upon his arrival that his wife, Rebecca, made him bathe outside, cut off all his  hair and burn his clothes before he could go in the house.
   The company Muster Roll records the death of Thomas Lemuel Thames as being on 10 March 1863. Although  the cause of death is not recorded, it is thought that he died as a result of the illnesses he suffered during his time of service in the Hampton Legion. 

Muster Roll
T.L. Thames
March-April 1863 image
 Thomas Lemuel Thames left his family, friends and home  for a cause he felt was worth fighting for. He returned home a sick man. His  death left a widow and two children whose lives were forever changed. 
That is the nature of war. 

On this Memorial Day, 2015 let us honor those who fought and died in the many conflicts our nation has been involved in. 
Let us never forget their sacrifice.

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  1. Cheri, isn't fold3 a wonderful resource? Those Muster Rolls give us much information.

    1. Yes! I love fold3! Such a fantastic resource. Thanks, Colleen.