Friday, March 20, 2015

Genealogy Do-Over Week 9~Cluster Research and Organizing Research Materials

 My participation in the Genealogy D0-Over has brought me to Week 9-Conducting Cluster Research and Organizing Research Materials

Conducting Cluster Research-
  Cluster or F.A.N. (Friends, Associates, and Neighbors) research is a great way to find information on a family. Especially when family records can not be found.. It took me awhile to realize the importance of researching the people that were involved with my ancestor's lives. I am finding this especially true when looking for records in areas where I have many surnames. F.A.N. Club names become intertwined in records for several generations.
 The problem for me is to find a way to keep them straight and remember where everyone fits and why a person is important to which family.

      According to his WWI Draft Card, my paternal Great Grandfather, Manning David Daughrity (1889-1931) worked for WM Folsom, Co. in Sumter, South Carolina. A picture of David and other employees in a store in Sumter may be the place he mentioned. I would like to find out more about this picture, the people in it and his employment there. Cluster research of Walter Mood Folsom and any other employees may give me some answers. Where do I put this information and keep it connected with Manning David Daughrity, Jr.?  For now, I have decided to save anything I find on the WM Folsom Co, or Walter Folsom himself in Evernote with the tags Daughrity, Folsom, FAN, and occupation. Information learned about David's employment or events that might have affected his job will be added to David's Notes section in Legacy Family Tree.

David Daughrity (in the light suit) with co-workers
Sumter, South Carolina
©Cheri Hudson Passey

Research Materials
    One of my homework assignments for my Progen Study Group, this month is to catalog all my research literature. Through the years, I have continually added books, magazines, cds, newsletters, journals and quarterly publications to help me research and learn the necessary skills to do so.

  I have file drawers full of Genealogy Society Newsletters from all over South Carolina. Years worth.  What do I do with them? Do I donate them to a local research library? Keep them "just in case"? 
Then there are the Genealogy Magazines, Quarterly  and Journal Publications. The same questions apply to these.

  Using the app  libib I have begun making a list of all the materials that I have. The app will allow me to scan a barcode, enter an ISBN number or manually add an item and then it will provide me to access from my computer, phone or tablet. Many times I have been at a conference or bookstore or even received  an email about a book sale and can't remember what I already have. A list I can refer to will stop me from purchasing duplicate items.
   Several years ago I began using Mary Hill's Color Coding System to organize my paper files and photos. Going through each family a little at a time I have been able to get my files organized and under control. Not only do I like to be able to file surnames by color but her way of organizing the folders makes sense to me. Her system works well with my software program because I can color code family lines on it as well. My plan for this part of the "Make -Over" is to be more consistent in getting those papers, documents, and pictures filed and not stacked up on my desk.
 How's your Genealogy Do-Over coming along? I would love to hear from you.

Are we kin? Please, contact me. Together we can find our people.
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  1. Cheri, I often forget which books I own or have read; genealogy books included. I belong to Good Reads where I can record all my books. I can access Good Reads from my iPhone or iPad when I am at a book store or library. It is quite helpful.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Colleen. I ended up with over 80 books! No wonder I can't remember what I have sometimes. Adding a wish list will help me fill in the gaps. Thanks so much for stopping by! I enjoy your comments.

  3. Thank you for your post. I don't have enough genealogy literature to worry about...yet...but I am now deciding on a paper filing system, leaning towards the color-coded files. Thank you for the link you provided, Mary Hill discusses filing for Patronymics which will be part of the lines beyond my maternal grandmother and I was wondering how that would impact organizing and filing for them. I had not run across anyone else discussing it anywhere until now.

    1. Anna, I am glad you found my post usefull. I haven't had to deal with filing for Patronymics. I am glad that Mary has some answers for you! Good luck in putting together your files. The color coding sure helps me! Thanks so much for taking the time time read my post and leave a comment!