Friday, March 6, 2015

Genealogy Do-Over Week 7~Software and Digitization

 It's week 7 of the Genealogy Do-Over and it's time to work on:
Renewing Genealogy Database Software & Digitizing photos and documents

  Renewing Genealogy Database Software
     The software that I have used for many years is Legacy Family Tree.   It has worked well for me and so I will continue to use it. Making sure that I am using all the tools it provides will be part of my "makeover". There are some great places that provide information on how to use Legacy.  

     The Legacy Virtual Users Community on Google+ is a fantastic resource. The group, run by Tessa Keough, keeps us informed of all the ways Legacy can help keep track of our research. There are videos, Tuesday's Tips and monthly hangouts to help learn how to use the program to it's fullest. 
  Michele Simmons Lewis, an employee of Legacy Family Tree, often writes about her tips and tricks for the program in her blog Ancestoring. 
  Youtube has many Legacy Videos that can help as well. Some are produced by the company itself and others are by other Legacy users.
 Something that I have overlooked and need to access more is the actual Help section in my Legacy program. Where ever you are on the screen it's an easy click to get help with the task you are working on. 
 The page has links to a help section, videos and books that can help as well.
 My plan is to put a reminder on my calendar to check with the various help aids as often as I can and make sure I am not missing out on something my software can do for me.

Digitizing photos and documents

    Getting all my pictures and documents scanned, labeled, organized and filed is a struggle. Mostly, it's a time issue. 
Caroline Pointer started a Facebook group called Sunday ScanDay where anyone interested can join and chat while we work on our scanning. Sharing what we are scanning and seeing other's pictures and documents is a fun way to get through what can be a tedious chore.  On hold for FGS and Rootstech, I am hoping that the group will start back up soon. Setting this time every Sunday, at 4pmET helped me get through a large pile of scanning To Do items. 
   Miriam Robbins holds Scanfest once a month on her blog. She has a handy calendar that can be printed out to help remember what dates it is being held.  
    My plan is to schedule a time each week when I will scan, either with a group or without, primarily using my Flip-Pal scanner. Another goal? Not to scan too many things at once time, which results in a large file of scanned items that haven't been named and properly added to my family files on my computer and a large file of "to file" paper and photos that never make it to my family hanging files.
  The goal will be to scan no more than 10 items, name and save the file in the correct folder on my computer. Paper that doesn't need to be kept will be thrown away with original documents and pictures being organized by family in my filing cabinets-using archival supplies, of course!
Mary (Baker) Hudson (1920-2010) and Benjamin Allen Hudson (1918-1976)
Camden, Kershaw, South Carolina

    Picture of my paternal Grandparents, scanned, named and filed correctly. Success! Now on to the rest of the box!

     The great thing about these goals for this week is that I get to engage with great communities as I learn to better use my software and get those pictures and documents organized.

Are we kin? Please contact me. Together we can find our people.
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  1. Thanks for the kind words about our LVUG Community on Google+. We learn so much from each other and the user to user aspect is very helpful. Getting digital files in order and getting all those photos and images in your system, named and sorted is a huge exercise. You are doing the right thing by focusing on doing it "a bite at a time." Make sure you have a naming system that works for you (name a few things and then use your computer's search function - does it find them and how quickly), tweak as necessary and then go for it. Thanks for sharing how your genealogy do-over is progressing.

    1. Tessa, thanks for reading and commenting! Love the LVUG Community. I always come away with a new or better way to do things even after all these years of using Legacy. As far as my digital files, luckily, I started with a naming scheme that works for me several years ago. Because of the Do-Over, I have tweaked it just a bit. It's just a matter of getting everything scanned and in the right folder. I appreciate all your hard work for all of us on Google+ and look forward to more!

  2. Love the idea of setting a weekly scan schedule. I must! I must!

    1. It really has helped me get through my pile of "things to file". Joining in a group helps or putting on a movie to watch while I scan is another option. Putting it on the schedule is the key. Thanks for reading and commenting, Wendy!