Wednesday, August 14, 2019

GenFriends~Virtual Education for Genealogists

While conferences are fun to attend, sometimes, we don't have the finances to travel and/or take time off work to do so.  On this episode of GenFriends, Cheri, Christine Woodcock, and Melissa Barker discuss the many opportunities for gaining genealogy education right from home!
We cover webinar presentations, both live and recorded,  the many offerings on YouTube and much more! Watch and learn about the varies ways you can learn without getting out of your pajamas!

​              "Online learning is not the next big thing, it is the now big thing.” Christine Woodcock

Links mentioned in this episode and more!
Conference Keeper-Virtual

Second Life Virtual Genealogy Society

VGA Virtual Conference
UGA Virtual Conference

Salt Lake Institute of  Genealogy Virtual Program

Ontario Ancestors Webinars
Virtual Genealogy Society Webinars
   Mondays with Myrt
   Wacky Wednesday
   Study Groups
Legacy Family Tree Webinars

Many state societies offer webinars
North Carolina

The Genealogy Guys
Genealogy Gems
Amy Johnson Crow
African Roots Podcast
Research Like a Pro
Genealogy Girl Talks
The Photo Detective

Extreme Genes

YouTube has exploded with genealogists offering a wide variety of educational choices.
Remember to subscribe to these channels to support them and get notifications of new content.

Family History Fanatics
Amie Bowser Tennant
Lisa Lisson
Black Progen
Genealogy Live TV
Boundless Genealogy
Auntie Jen's Family Tree

There are many more! Search for genealogy and see what you find!

Links to our panelists and their virtual education platforms:

Mary Kircher Roddy
-Legacy Family Tree Webinars

Christine Woodcock
Scottish Virtual Conference

Melissa Barker
-Legacy Family Tree
-YouTube-Wacky Wednesday: The Archive Lady
-Abundant Genealogy-The Archive Lady

Kathryn Lake Hogan
Looking 4 Ancestors-Genealogy with a Canadian Twist weekly webinars.
-Looking 4 Ancestors Research Intensive 2019
-Legacy Family Tree Webinars

Bernice Bennett
-Legacy Family Tree Webinars
-Research at the National Archives and Beyond

Terri O'Connell

Shelley Murphy
Cheri Hudson Passey
-Legacy Family Tree Webinars

Christine mentioned the upcoming Virtual Conference for the International Society for British History and Family History. While the registration will not begin until next year, it's something to keep an eye out for!

Also, check with National and Regional Conferences to see if they offer live feeds for free or purchase.

Whew! That's a long list and I am sure there are more!
Do you like to learn virtually? Share your favorite sites!

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  1. Great post! I am bookmarking this to return to it when I have time -- so many resources. Thanks for this.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the show! Happy to share the links! Thanks so much!

  2. You make such a good video host! Great job.

  3. Thanks for including us in your list for YouTube Channels. We also coordinate Webinars / Virtual Conferences. Just thought I'd add that to the mix.

    1. You are welcome and yes! Your virtual conferences are great!

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