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Friends of Friends Friday~ The Enslaved of William Kerksey: Releasing Their Names

While researching for clients or for my own family, I often stumble upon the records of the enslaved. When found, these documents should be transcribed and placed online where their descendants can find them. 
Recently while going through a box of original records from Pickens County, South Carolina, I came across this Sale List for the property of a William Kirksey. 
No date is given on the document. These loose papers may be part of the probate proceedings for William Kirksey from Pickens county who died in 1854. Similar names of property are found in the digitized probate package for him on
These loose papers are not part of the image collection.

Sale List pg1
Sale List pg2.

The document was found at the South Carolina Department of History and Archives. It was included in a box of loose papers with the label Pickens County, Box 1, Mixed Provenance + Papers.
ca. 1840-ca. 1910.

Enlarged Section of Page 2 

 Page two of the Bill of Sale for the Property of William Kirksey included the following enslaved and those who bought them.

Peter, Nancy and Child- M. Mauldin     $980.00
Caroline and Child-Wm Hunter             $910
(Wm Hunter for R. Kirksey)
Celia -W. D. Steele                                     $872
Candis and Child- C. Kirksey                 $400
Jacob (17 years old)-J.M. Kirksey        $1077
Amelia (17 years old)-D. Garman      $1060
Anderson -C. Kirksey                              $750
Bailes-B.F. Holland                                 $940
Miles-William Kirksey                           $810
Jane-William Kirksey                            $900
Dinah-J.M. Kirksey                                $850
Jane-D. Garman                                     $800
Laviniah-C. Kirksey                               $640
Hester-Robt. Kirksey                             $580
Phoebe-Robt. Kirksey                            $570

Peter, Nancy and their child
Carolina and her child
Candis and her child

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