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Mailbox Monday~Letters from Mattie-Part 6

Mattie Baker

The final letter found in a group written by Martha "Mattie" Victoria (Bradford) Baker (1862-1947) to her daughter Kathryn "Kate" Lousie (Baker) Ryan (1898-1987), was sent to with birthday greetings to Kate and her husband Jimmy.
Mattie mentions on the first page of the letter that she knows "Jimmie's birthday is tomorrow". This would date the letter as being written on Sunday, August 5 since his birthday was August 6.  This letter was not in an envelope but others in the group were postmarked in 1925.  A calendar for years surrounding 1925 show August 5 fell on Sunday in 1923 and 1928.  Daughter Meta who is mentioned died in 1926, making the 1923 date the probable year it was written.

I am not sure if these two pages are from one letter even though they were folded together.
As with the previous letters, all spelling and punctuation are transcribed as written.

Sunday p.m.
birthday gift. well here
is hoping that you will
 both live to see many
more. this is for you both
for I know that tomorrow
is Jimmies. Oh, how I do
wish that I had something
nice to send you all
but oh my it is bad to
be poor. but you both
have my best wishes
for that is all I have to
give. I went to church
this a.m. but I felt so
lonely going by myself

Oh, I forgot to tell you
that the Cadens old cow
got in my garden and
ate up every thing
that was in it she got
in one night so I am
just a toldlier [?] out of
luck eh. Edward is
still improvin and as
bad as can be sis is still
up as yet nothing doing
well I have told you
so now I will say by by
here is a birthday card poor
old Paw bought to send to
you & Jimmy and forgot to
send it so here it is
do let him know that you
got it

now even Paw was
able to go with me he  
 Can't walk that far; Meta
cooked dinner for me
she had a real nice little
dinner cooked Annie has
not come Home yet.
said that I could look for
her when I see her coming
but I do hope that she will
soon come home for it is
so lonesome here without
them and oh my how I
do miss Marys dear little
tongue, I got a letter from
Ellie Friday said that she


was about to give out
 poor child I do wish that I           
could help her in some way
but I feel like my hands
are tied; your Pa said that
he would let you know
when he could come he had not
been able to go up street since
he got home until yesterday
he got a chance to ride he s
complaining a lot to day
I think that he tryed to walk
to much yesterday, the rest of
us are geting along OK well
as there is no new as far as I know
I will close for this time hope
that you are geting along fine and
your new home. also didy
all send love to you all
and I am the same old Maw.

Mentioned in this letter~
Jimmie, son-in-law-James Patrick Ryan-(1893-1950)
Paw- Husband-Arthur Wellington Baker (1857-1940)
Annie-Annie Dargan (Baker) Parish (1895-1929)
Ellie in the letter-Ella Fair (Baker) Wells (1889-1971)
Meta-Armeda Edna (Baker) Harris (1887-1926)
Granddaughter -Mary (Baker) Hudson (1920-2010)
Didy-unknown who she is referring to by that name in her letters.
An Edward and sis are written about in this letter, but it is now known at this time who they are or what relation they had to the family.

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Reading through and transcribing these letters written by my paternal great- great grandmother helped me to understand more about her and the family at this moment in time. 
Mattie had a strong love for her children and grandchildren. She loved traveling to visit them and expressed loneliness when they were away from her.  Looking at photos of her with her family gathered around her takes on new meaning.

Do you have letters from your ancestors? I would love to hear about them!
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  1. Oh no, the cow everything in the garden. That could be very bad if they were relying on garden vegetables for they meals. Great details in the letters!

    1. I feel I've come to know her through these letters! Wish there were more! Thanks for your comment, Colleen!

  2. Isn't so amazing what they wrote about as everyday functions or actions - we treasure reading about.

    1. These letters are such a wonderful snap shot of their lives. Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to comment, Jeanne!