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Mailbox Monday~Letters from Mattie- Part 4

Martha Victoria (Bradford) Baker
©Cheri Hudson Passey
In 1925, My 2nd Great Grandmother, Martha "Mattie" Victoria (Bradford) Baker (1862-1947), wrote to her daughter Kathryn "Kate" Louise (Baker) Ryan (1898-1987) who was living with her husband in North Carolina.

This letter was most likely written in May because Mattie talks about a birthday gift for her Granddaughter, Mary and Mother's Day presents for her. 
 As with the other letters transcribed on the blog, grammar and spelling have not been corrected.

Mattie Baker Letter pg.1
©Cheri Hudson Passey

       Monday Night
      My Dear children             
    Just a few lines
to night to let you see your
old maws hand rit
more time. I received the
nice box of candy and
the dear little picture
I could not keep the
tears back when I read
the verse that is on it
and you all dont know how
I appreciate it and many 
thanks for it for I know
that we will enjoy it

Mattie Baker Letter pg. 2
©Cheri Hudson Passey
I have not opened it yet as
Ruth sent Mary a box for 
her birthday so I thought I
would not be greedy and I'd
make it last a long time, I
know Annie has told you
All the news so it dont leave
me nothing to tell. my little
chickens are doing fine I have
about 100.75 off and 3 more
hens setting but the garden
is not doing much it keeps
so dry that nothing cant grow
Geo has sent me a nice lot
of cabbage twice his has head
real nice and you bet I was
glad of them as mine are not
headed much yet. Bess sent me
a beautiful bunch of carna
tions and Geo A sent me 
a Mothers day card bless his

dear little heart I miss                                            

Letter from Mattie pg.3
©Cheri Hudson Passey
him so much when he
goes away but I hate to
be mean and not let him 
go some times. what is'my girl doing this days
love her and didy for me
and tell them to be good 
children till I come. Meta
is real sick to day had
a hard chill this am and
been in bed all day poor
child I do feel so sorry for
her I will close as I wanted to
try and write to Ethel love
for every one from Mother

Family mentioned in this letter:
Mary-Granddaughter, Mary (Baker) Hudson (1920-2010)
Ruth-Daughter, Emma Ruth (Baker) Early (1901-1993)
Annie-Daughter, Annie Dargan (Baker)Parish (1895-1929)
Bess-Daughter, Ella Fair (Baker) Wells (1889-1971)
Geo -Son, George Albertus Baker, Sr. (1880-1940)
Geo A- Grandson, George Albertus Baker, Jr. (1910-1949)
Meta-Daughter, Armida Edna (Baker) Harris (1887-1926)
Ethel-Daughter in law, Ethel Vivian (Ogg) Baker (1895-1975)

As with the other letters, it is not clear who didy is.

The letters from Mattie are full of love for her children and grandchildren. Her stories about day to day life are a wonderful insight into how they lived.

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