Thursday, January 28, 2016

RootsTech~ Be There When You Can't Be There!

  Last February I took my first plane trip in years and attended the combines FGS/RootsTech Conference. To say that it was worth it is an understatement. Geneafriends , classes, and social events all made for a fantastic week.
                                           And really? A picture with Donny Osmond? Good times!

Backstage picture with Donny!
RootsTech 2016

    Unfortunately, this year, attendance in person is not possible for me. For those of us who won't be in Salt Lake, participation is available in other ways. 

Gathering with Geneapeeps
RootsTech 2016

    Dear Myrt will be broadcasting her Mondays With Myrt hangout on Monday, February 1st from the Family History Library. She will be talking with researchers and conference attendees.Some of these may be genealogist that you have been wanting to get to know. Watching the hangouts is easy. With a click you can register with whichever social media you prefer and an email will be sent with a link to participate. You have a choice to just watch and leave comments or there is an opportunity to actually join the panel discussion. 

   Have you "scoped"? A new app called Periscope allows for recording and viewing live video streams. Several genealogists have made plans to broadcast during the week of RootsTech. After downloading the app to your phone or tablet, search for people like        Amy Johnson Crow, Jen Alford and other genealogists. Once you click on people to follow, a notification will be sent when their live feed starts. The map view will show any broadcasts coming out of Salt Lake during the week of RootsTech. These will not be full broadcasts of lectures but be a way to experience the excitement and get a report from the conference.
   Are you on Twitter?  The hashtag #RootsTech will be used to keep everyone up to the minute on what is happening during all the events, classes and activities. You can virtually be there as you follow what is being tweeted. If you haven't tried Twitter before, this is a great time to download the app and join in the conversation.
   Social media platforms like Facebook and Google+ will be full of blog posts and status updates from RootsTech Ambassadors and others reporting on their day. They will share what sessions they attended, what they found in the exhibit hall and who they were hanging out with.  After parties, lunches and dinners and other functions will be shared. 
   It's good news that LiveStreaming is back again this year. RootsTech announced  that it will be streaming several classes throughout the week of Feb. 3-5. The list of what is being shown and how to watch can be found here
        For those presentations not being streamed live, the Class Syllabus for RootsTech 2106 is available to download for each of this year's sessions. 
     Periscope, twitter, blogs, status updates, livestreaming, and downloading the syllibus are some of the ways to be there when you can't be there. Take advantage of these opportunities and see what you can learn and who you can meet!

                                          Here's hoping for another trip to Salt Lake for RootsTech 2017. 
                                                              Maybe Donny will be back too!

Are we kin? Please contact me. Together we can find our people.
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  1. Thanks for the rundown, Cheri. I am not attending in person either, but I plan to enjoy some live streaming.

    1. Glad you are going to watch the livestreaming. There are some great presentations being shown. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment, Nancy!