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52 Ancestors Week 22- Commencement ~Etta at St. Joseph's

Loretta "Etta" (McManus) Daughrity (1894-1936) my maternal Great Grandmother was educated at St. Joseph's Academy in Sumter, South Carolina.  She is mentioned in the 1910 and 1911 newspaper reports of the Commencement Ceremonies. Both reports have Etta listed with the underclassmen or Junior class. The newspaper account of the 1912 graduation for St. Joseph's does not mention Etta McManus. It is not clear when the picture below was taken or if or when she actually graduated from St. Joseph's Academy or another school. Etta was married by October, 1912.
 Commencement is the blog prompt for Week 22 of 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks -2015 Edition by Amy Johnson Crow.

Loretta "Etta" (McManus) Daughrity (1894-1936)

Etta received an award for her study in Household Industry and took part in an instrumental duet in the 1910 Commencement program for St. Joseph's and during the ceremony for 1911 she received a average of 79 for her year, an award for Composition and Letter Writing and performed in an instrumental trio.

Watchman and Southron, Sumter, South Carolina
24 June 1911, pg. 2

St. Joseph's Academy
Early 1900's
Image from http://www.sumterpostcards.com/schools.html

From the newspaper reports of the Commencement Exercises that Etta McManus participated in her interest in music, writing and homemaking are apparent.  Records from St. Joseph's would provide more information about Etta's experience there. These records have not yet been located. Connecting with others who have ancestors who attended St. Joseph's Academy may provide more information as well. I would love to hear from anyone who may have that connection.

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    1. It does! Wish it was still there and that I could locate their records. Thanks, Colleen!

    2. It does! Wish it was still there and that I could locate their records. Thanks, Colleen!