Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Plans and Expectations~Looking forward to FGS 2015

      FGS 2015 is quickly approaching and my excitement is growing. This will be my first FGS Conference as well as Rootstech attendance.  With the announcement last winter of the two conferences being held together in  February my desire to be a part of this epic event has grown. 
    What do I expect out of FGS and the accompanying Rootstech conferences in February? Absolute fun! Learning from and mingling with some of the top Genealogist in the world, meeting old friends and making new ones and continuing those friendships long after the conference is over. 
    I am looking forward to planned and spur of the moment get togethers where I can relax with friends and colleagues to discuss what we learned and experienced that day.
   I am also expecting to be entertained by the great list of guests who will be appearing at the social events. 
   And? Coming home full of fresh ideas and plans to tackle those brick walls and motivation to continue doing what I love-researching my family and helping others learn how.
   Most of all, I am expecting to come home exhausted...that good kind of exhaustion that comes from doing what you love with people that you love!

Salt Lake Convention Center
Home of FGS 2015
     As far as planning my days, I have not decided which sessions I will attend. I am looking forward to Wednesday's Focus On Societies Day  that will help me in my new role as President of our small genealogy club. Though not a society at this present time, I am looking forward to hearing ideas to help us grow and being the best we can for our members.
     Usually when planning sessions to attend, I will look not only for topics that interest me and that I need to help me in my research, but I will also look for those presenters that are a must see for me.  This time it is going to be hard to choose. Looking at the roster of presenters, they are all a must see!  Check out the list here. See what I mean? 
    I have discovered that no matter what I choose I always come away learning something, running into a friend among the class, or making a new friend sitting next to me. There have been times when that person sitting next to me "just happens" to be researching the same area or having a similar research problem that I have. Genealogy Serendipity is alive and well at Conferences big or small!
   Do you need to make plans to visit the Expo Hall? Yes!  240 booth spaces are available! In the past I have been able to conquer the Expo hall a section at a time during breaks. I usually don't skip sessions to go because I want to attend all that I can. My plan is to take a walk though the Expo Hall to get a sense of what is available and what booths I would like to visit, then I will take any advantage of in between sessions or break times to get in there to learn and shop! I know I will visit the FGS booth to meet some of the wonderful FGS Volunteers! Collecting conference ribbons from the booths is a lot of fun too. I wonder how long I can get my string of ribbons this time.....:)
   The Society Showcase looks like it will be a fun place to visit. Genealogy Societies are invited to represent what they have to offer. This well be a great place to learn about what is available in different areas with opportunities to ask questions, get brochures and see how each society can help with research. Is your society being represented? Click on the link and find out how they can!

Family History Library
Salt Lake City, Utah

   Visiting the Family History Library is a must on my schedule for the week too. I am planning on a full day on Monday after the conference is over. I will be making a list of films and books that may contain information on my family that are not currently available on line or in an area close to me. After all the great tips and information learned at the conference,this should be a great way to put some of them in to practice!
  I am so looking forward to my trip to Salt Lake in February to attend the FGS 2015.  
 Have you registered yet? Come join the fun in Salt Lake!


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