Friday, November 7, 2014

Hanging Out With FGS

      Last night I had the privilege of joining in on the first Connect with FGS Hangout On Air.
 A Hang Out On Air is a service provided by Google + where people from all over the world can meet together. You can participate by actually joining in and being part of the live broadcast, watch it live as it airs, or watch it later when it is archived on YouTube.

 Cyndi Ingle from Cyndi's List, J. Mark Lowe-Certified Genealogist, lecturer and researcher (check out his Facebook page here)  along with Paula Stuart-Warren-Certified Genealogist,,Speaker and author of the blog Paula's Genealogical Eclectica were the featured guests for this first Hang Out.
   The discussion started a half an hour before the air time. We got to chat for a few minutes and then  talk about how things would go once we were live on air. There were a few technical difficulties at the beginning but luckily they were resolved by the time we had to go live. 
    Cyndi, Mark and Paula, who have each been to FGS Conferences dozens of times, gave some great tips on how to prepare for FGS2015 and for researching in the Family History Library.They also talked about how to meet people and get involved. They each also told what their favorite presentation is that they will be giving in Salt Lake.
  We were also joined by A.J.Jacobs from The Global Family Reunion and Randy Whited who is working with FGS to help support the event that will be held in June of 2105.  Not only will this be the biggest Family Reunion ever held, it will have many fun activities, speakers and will be live streamed! All proceeds will go to fighting Alzheimer's disease. Your society can get involved in the reunion. Click on the link and find out how. 

  Thanks to Linda McCauley and Caroline Pointer for hosting this hang out and letting me join in the fun! It was clear before, during and after the recording that lifelong friends are made by attending FGS Conferences!
     Want to watch? Here's the video. Lots of good info and an extra bonus->find out why you should never leave your cell phone near Cyndi Ingle! HaHa!

  Come join us at FGS2015 in Salt Lake! Click here to register today!


  1. Thank you, Cheri. I look forward to meeting you in February in SLC.

  2. I am looking forward to meeting you too! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post and leave a comment!