Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thank you Crista Cowen!

  Tuesday, I took a few minutes to sit down, relax and watch Crista Cowen, on Livestream, as she talked about Correcting Mistakes in Your Family Tree. If you've never watched Crista and her fun tips about genealogy research and, I would encourage you to do so. You can watch the Livestream broadcasts whether or not you have an subscription. They are archived if you can't tune in on Tuesdays.
 I do need to say that although I have an banner on my blog, I have never received any compensation from them, nor will I for this post!

 I have been using since it came on line so I thought I was using the features as well as I could...until Crista showed this drop down box under Tree pages. This box is right next to your ancestry,com on line Tree Name. 

Screen Capture:Tree pages Drop Down Box

The drop down box leads to this when clicking on Tree Overview: A detailed page of all the comments, pictures, hints, etc. that you have on your tree! 

Screen Capture: Tree Overview page

WHY hadn't I noticed it before?! OK, I am sure everyone else who uses already knew it was there!

Looking at the right side of the page, I noticed this list:
Screen Capture Hints on Tree Overview page

Oh, my goodness! Hints listed in a manageable way! Instead of looking at that Shaky Leaf at the top of my Home Page and feeling a bit overwhelmed, I could have been coming here and looking for specific types of Hints.
 I started with photo's first. Skimming through a list of only 385 seemed reasonable. It didn't take long to find these pictures.

Screen Capture Picture Hint Results
 The links were for two of the sisters of Arthur Wellington Baker (1857-1940),  my Paternal Great Great Grandfather. 

Mary Ellen Baker Richardson (1853-1946)
Picture Courtesy Sarah Fulton,
Laura Montgomery Baker (1858-1948)
Picture Courtesy Sarah Fulton,

   Next, I clicked on the Stories link and found these. 
Screen Capture Stories Results page
  Susan Rebecca Thames Beatson (1853-1940) was the daughter of my 3rd Great Grandparents, Thomas Lemuel Thames (1827-1863) and Rebecca H. Stukes (1830-1870).  The links led me to information about Rebecca, her parents and her brother Benjamin Thomas Thames (1854-1931). my Paternal Great Great Grandfather.
Story submitted by fordafunofit

Story Submitted by cbcabler 
    In an hour, just by finding one tab that I didn't know was there, I was able to find pictures and stories about my ancestors and their families. I have reached out to the submitter of each and asked to be able to share information with them. Hopefully they will respond so that I can get source information that will tell me how accurate the stories are and make sure the pictures are who they are reported to be.
In any case, I have more clues to go on and a new understanding of tools to help me with my research.
  So, thanks Crista Cowen! I will be watching again next week!

©Cheri Hudson Passey


  1. I've been using Ancestry for a while and I've never paid any attention to that feature. I almost asked was it new. Goodness, thank you so much for sharing it. I probably need to start watching the videos too. Good post.

    1. Thanks for reading my post, Bernita! Glad to know that it was useful to you!

  2. Hello Cheri,
    .....and I thought I spend a lot of time researching my ancestor. What a great job you have done with your blog. Wish I had the know how to do something similar. When I first started using in earnest a little over a year ago I just dove in with both feet because I immediately found a whole bread truck of interesting ancestors, never mind following crumbs. So, I never really took the time to learn how to use the site properly or to it's best advantage. I'm sure I am using less than half of what is available because I didn't even know about this video feature - thanks for enlightening me to the their many tools. I was born in Dillon but all of my maternal ancestors came to and were from Colleton County near Walterboro after about 1775 - before that England and Ireland. Just last week I even found out that Andrew Jackson, 7th President, was a cousin and he and his mother lived with my 7th ggmother (his mother's sister) for the first 13 years of his life. This whole time I had been researching my grandmother's paternal line and had not even ventured into her maternal line - I continue to dig. Thanks again.

    1. Thanks so much for reading my post and taking the time to leave a comment. I am glad that I was able to make you aware of Crista's broadcast. We all stil have lots to learn. Good luck with your research. Your family sounds like they have lots of great stories!

  3. Oh! This is wonderful Cheri! Congrats on your finds!

  4. Cheri ~ Thanks for this info! I didn't know that option was there! What a great feature! LOL! I also found some info on an ancestor I want to check out! I can say I'll be watching more Christa too!

    1. So glad you found some info too! Thanks so much for reading my post! I have to say that I really am glad that I am not the only one who didn't know about it!! Haha!