Sunday, March 20, 2022

RootsTech 2022-A Few of My Favorite Things


RootsTech 2022 is in the books as far as the live sessions, but did you know that they were recorded and part of the video collection of presentations you can still watch?

So many to choose from! Here are some of my favorites:

African American Genealogy

African American Genealogy Challenges by Shelley Murphy walks researchers through the challenges of researching African American ancestors and the methods to overcome them.


Searching for Close Relatives with Your DNA Results by McKell Kinney helps understand how to use DNA to build your family tree, especially those close matches whether they have a tree or not. 


Your Ancestor's FAN Club: Using Cluster Research to Get Past Brick Walls by Dew Smith is a three-part series explaining the importance of incorporating the records of our ancestor's friends, associates, and neighbors to help find information and how this method can help move past areas where we are stuck. 

Record Sets

Getting Around the Missing 1890 Census-Alternative Record Sets by Sarah Cochran is a two-part series that helps researchers discover records that may help you find information that would have been included in the 1890 Census. 

Skill Building

How to Transcribe the Past by Shannon Combs-Bennett explains the importance of transcribing records, how to do it, and then analyze the information contained in documents.


Workshop: Start Telling Your Own and Family Stories by Laura Hedgecock is a fun hands-on session helping to get your creative juices flowing and begin writing those family stories. 


Diaries, Journals, and Calendars: Documenting Your Ancestor's Day- by Melissa Barker. As an archivist and genealogist, Melissa's presentations always help to understand not only how to research within a record group, but how to preserve it. 

These are only a few of the videos available from RootsTech 2022 to help you build your research skills and family. Search for topics that interest you and add them to your playlist.

Don't forget all those location-specific presentations to help you understand how to research by location or nationality. 

Do you have favorite videos from RootsTEch 2022? 

Please share them!

And for my friends who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints here's a list of my favorite videos, especially for you.

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