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Surname Saturday~Daughrity

Manning David Daughrity, Jr.
Copy of original picture owned by
 Mildred Chrystanella (Daughrity) Jolly Finfrock (1914-2006)

   My maternal Grandmother was a Daughrity from Sumter County, South Carolina. The name is found spelled many different ways even among those in the same generation. While her father, Manning David Daughrity, Jr. used this spelling, his brother Charles Edward (1880-1957) used Daugherty. The surname in records varies from Dority, Dorrity, Doherty, Doty and Dougherty.  
       Azile Juanita (Daughrity)Roberts Sullivan (1921-2009)
                 her father:
                    Manning David Daughrity, Jr. (1889-1931)
                 his father:
                    Manning David Daughrity, Sr. (1844-1918)
                 his father:
                   William J. Dorrity (born abt. 1816-died before 1897).

 These families lived in the Spring Hill area of Sumter County that became part of Lee County in 1902. 

             The place of birth for William on the Sumter County census records is South Carolina. Different candidates suggested as the father of William include a John and an Alexander Dorrity. Both lived in the Sumter County/District area. Those who have these men on their family trees have not provided the sources needed to determine who is indeed the father. At this point, I have not been able to locate documentation to support a conclusion of paternity.
        The surname is said to be of Irish origin and that "three brothers came from Ireland during the potato famine." While this line of the Daughrity family appears to have been in South Carolina well before the famine, the surname is a typical Irish one and brothers may have immigrated together at some point. Finding a correct link to William J. Dorrity's father would help move back a generation and perhaps answer the question as to when, and why this family came to South Carolina as well as from where.
     Can you shed some light on the Daughrity/Dorrity family of Sumter County/District, South Carolina? 

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