Sunday, February 22, 2015

FGS/Rootstech 2015 Day 3~It Just Keeps Getting Better!

Waiting for Friday's General Session to start
 FGS/Rootstech 2105  Day 3 began with a General Session that featured Keynote speakers D.Joshua Taylor and Laura Bush along with daughter Jenna Bush Hager.
   Josh, who is a fantastic speaker, talked about his love of family history and of cheese. Seems Josh has a thing for cheese graters and so did his ancestors! He also gave us an update on the record collections on
D. Joshua Taylor-Keynote FGS/Rootstech 2105

   Family Stories was the theme of the talk by Former First Lady, Laura Bush. Personal stories about her days in the White House as a daughter-in-law and then as a wife to the President of the United States were warm and funny. She shared experiences during 9/11 that were chilling. To hear her tell of having to quickly go to the  White House basement safe house, without her contacts, in her fuzzy slippers while her husband, the President lead the way for her because she couldn't see was an emotional experience.  After we heard from Mrs. Bush she sat down on the couch where she was joined by daughter Jenna. A reporter, Jenna began interviewing her mother. We learned that despite the pressures of political life, the family has tried to lead as normal a life as possible.
Former First Lady Laura Bush-Keynote FGS/Rootstech 2105

Jenna Bush Hager interviewing her mother, Laura Bush.
FGS/Rootstech 2015
With D.Josh Taylor-Keynote FGS/Rootstech 2015

My first class of day 3 was Gentlemen Judges:The Justices of the Peace-Judy Russell
   Judy taught us about the records created by our ancestors who were JP's and where to find them in a fun, information packed hour. 
With Laurie Desmarais, Judy Russell and Bev Fieg

         During lunch, I decided to check out the Expo Hall.
The Media Hub

Studio C Booth!

You never know who you will meet in the Expo Hall!

I found Donny!!!
Prep for seeing the real thing tomorrow!

With A.J. Jacobs

    That was exhausting, but it was back to classes for the rest of the afternoon.
 I attended Time Saving Apps for Busy Genealogists-Lisa Alzo
  Writing a Prize Winning Family History-Tom Jones  and 
Using Tax Records for Genealogical Problem Solving-Michael Lacopo

   Again, each class was full of great information. Each gave me tips and hints to help me move forward with my research. Lisa helped me see different ways that I could use apps, Dr. Jones went through the steps to write a family history that could be submitted to a genealogical publication and Micheal Lacopo? Great information on where to find and how to use Tax Records- in spite of the fact that he should have been, really! :)
Micheal Lacopo

  The night ended with a Cultural Event in the Expo Hall. There were performances representing many different cultures and people dressed in costumes from different time periods. The booths stayed open to give extra time to see and experience all that was there.

Scottish Musicians performing during Cultural Night

Time to get a good night's sleep! 
Valentine's Day With Donny Tomorrow!

Are we kin? Please contact me. Together we can find our people.
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  1. It's obvious I missed the event of the decade!

    1. So sorry you missed it! I loved every minute, blisters and all! Thanks for reading, Wendy!