Monday, December 1, 2014

This Week On My Family History Calendar

Nov. 30-Dec. 6

December 1~
     My maternal Great Grandmother Beulah Mae Price Roberts (1897-1980) died 34 years ago in Camden, Kershaw, South Carolina and is buried there in Quaker Cemetery. Beulah died at age 83 of heart disease.
December 2~
  John Milton Dargan (1799-1847), my paternal 4th Great Grandfather would be celebrating his 215th birthday on this day.  John was the son of  John Dargan (1749-1817) and Mary Strother (1772-1822) and may have been born in Sumter District, South Carolina.

December 5~
     Mary Christine Williams Sullivan (1896-1930), my maternal Step Great Grandmother, was born 118 years ago in Kershaw County, South Carolina. Christine was the daughter of James Lewis Williams ( 1873-1937) and Lizzie Pettigrew (died before 1900).

December 6~
  My maternal Grandmother, Azile Juanita Daughrity Roberts Sullivan (1921-2009) would have been 93 years old on this day. Azile was born in Sumter, Sumter, South Carolina to Manning David Daughrity, Jr. (1889-1931) and Loretta McManus (1894-1936). Miss you so much, Grandmom! Happy Birthday!

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  1. Cheri, do you have many Quakers in your family trees?

    1. The Quaker Cemetery in Camden,SC is named after the original group of Quakers who owned the land in the 1700's. It was deeded over to the city in the late 1800's. The name was just kept the same. As far as I know, I don't have any ancestors who were part of the Quakers but I do have a lot buried in this cemetery! Thanks for reading and for the question!