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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

FGS 2015~The Family History Library~It's All About That Plan!

   Just 6 weeks from today and I will be on my way to Salt Lake City to attend FGS 2015 and Rootstech. Two genealogy conferences that will be help Feb. 11-14.

    In addition to the excitement of learning from the best and the fun of meeting old and new friends during the week, I am looking forward to spending time at the Family History Library.
Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah
   When I lived in Provo, Utah many years ago, I would catch the bus to Salt Lake and spend the day at the library. Once, I spent 3 straight days there from open to close! Those were the days before the internet and so many great resources on line.
   It's been about 10 years since I have been able to visit The Family History Library and I plan on being there the whole day on Monday after the conferences are over. I may sneak in some time in the evenings during conference week if I can.
   If you haven't visited this fabulous research center, or if you're like me and haven't been there in a while, making a plan of what to do and what to research is a must before going.
   To begin planning, visit The Family History Library Website.  The Tips For Visiting the Library link is most helpful and will walk you through what you need to know before and during your visit.
   The library is huge and can be overwhelming if you are not prepared.  The staff is wonderful and will help but you will make the most of your time if you have a plan.

   What am I doing to prepare? First, I am checking my to do list to see what I need. What am I missing? What questions do I need answered?       Next, I am looking at the Family History Library Catalog to see what is available. Are there records on line that I need to look at before I go? What is available only in the library?

 Those only in the library resources will be my top priority. A list is being compiled so that I will know when I walk in the door what I am there for and what I need to do.
  The last thing I am doing is trying to figure out which way to capture the information that I am hoping to find.  Would Evernote, a spreadsheet or old fashioned paper and pencil work best for me in this situation? Do I want to bring money to photocopy or use my Camscanner app on my phone or both?

   There is no fool proof method and everyone needs to figure out what works best for them. Even the best made plans can sometimes go awry and adjustments may have to be made but having a plan and working your plan the best you can is the way to go when visiting any research facility especially one as big as the FHL!
   I am looking forward to spending time looking or my ancestors in Salt Lake in February! Hopefully, I will run into some other genealogy friends in the library as well.Maybe some genealogy serendipity will come into play and I will meet a cousin!
 Are you going to Salt Lake in February? It's not too late to register!

    Hope to see y'all there!


  1. Cheri, this trip sounds wonderful! I am very excited about the opportunities you will have to uncover new information about your family. I am sure you will be well prepared to make the most of each moment you are there.

    1. Thanks, Colleen! I am so excited to go! Wish you were going too!