Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Book Review~A Genealogist's Guide to the Washington, DC Area

  Planning a genealogy research trip to Washington, D.C. or surrounding area and not sure how or where to begin? A new book is out that will help you answer any questions you may have and will get you prepared for anything you need to know -from where to eat, what to wear, how to travel and where to research.

  A Genealogist's Guide to the Washington, D.C. Area is the second in a series of Genealogy Guides written by Shannon Combs-Bennett and published by The In-depth Genealogist.
   In this easy to read guide, helpful information is given on where to research in the D.C. and surrounding areas as well as non genealogical things to do and places to visit.
  The information includes:    
  •  A history of the area.
  •  A packing guide.
  • An overview of Washington, D.C with specific lists of places to go, eat and shop as well as emergency information including pharmacies and hospitals. Transportation and safety issues are discussed as well. There is also information about city parks.
  • A section on non-genealogy attractions. 
  • A list of Genealogy Research Sites in the D.C. area, including metro information and tips for visits.
  • A list of Genealogy Research Sites in Northern Virginia, with tips,addresses,hours and contact information.
  • A list of Genealogy Research Sites in Maryland with tips, addresses,  hours and contact information.
  • A list of other resources books and web sites for further information on a trip to the area.
    Several road, metro, park and other maps are included in the guide with explanations given on how to make sense of the roads, and metros.

    For someone who has never been to the Washington,D.C. area and is a bit intimidated by the thought of visiting, researching and making their way around such a large city, this book is the perfect resource.
   And for those who live in the area? I will bet they will find new resources that they hadn't thought of.
Thanks, Shannon, for another great book! I feel a research trip coming on!

To get your copy of A Genealogist's Guide to the Washington, D.C. Area visit The IDG Products page where you can purchase the book in either paperback or .pdf format.

Disclaimer:  A free .pdf version of the book was sent to review. No payment has or will be made for this review.

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