Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Celebrating Women's History-Surprise! - Did She Know?

 From The Accidental Genealogist- Day 19  Celebrating Women's History Blog Prompt:

 Have you discovered a surprising fact about one of your female ancestors? What was it and how did you learn it? How did you feel when you found out?

  In 1922, while living in Columbia, SC, my great grandmother's father disappeared.Beulah Mae Price Roberts was married and in her mid 20's at the time, her father in his late 40's. Several stories have been passed down about what may have happened to him.
 From running off with the family money, or leaving to find work and never returning home, to being killed in a storm and his body never found, there is no real evidence of what became of  Bertrand Campbell "Cam" Price. 
Cam's wife, Bessie Mae Eargle Price, had him declared legally dead in 1931.
So imagine my surprise to find this bit of information provided by daughter Beulah on a Delayed Birth Certificate she applied for on 17 Aug.1944.

Father: Died in 1926 in Charlotte, NC

 What? No one is supposed to know what happened to Campbell Price! So why did she put a death year and place on her Birth Certificate? 
    Then I remembered something.I had been told that Frank Price, Cam's son, and Beulah's younger brother, believed that his sister Beulah knew something about their father's disappearance but would never tell. Hmmmm........

Beulah Mae Price Roberts (1897-1980)
Mid 1940's
© Cheri Hudson Passey
 A search of the Charlotte area has not turned up any information on Campbell Price- at least for now.
 Did she know and never tell? Perhaps she did and left a clue......

© Cheri Hudson Passey

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