Monday, March 18, 2013

Celebrating Women's History-Shining Star: School Performance

From Lisa Alzo at the The Accidental Genealogist
Day 18 of Celebrating Women's History Month Blog Post Prompt:

 Shining star: Did you have a female ancestor who had a special talent? Artist, singer, actress, athlete, seamstress, or other? Describe.
  Although not a Catholic, my Great Grandmother Loretta "Etta" McManus attended
 St. Joseph's Academy in Sumter, SC  during the early 1900's.
  These articles were found in the Sumter Watchman and Southeron  for the years 1910 and 1911 in a search of the newspaper website Chronicling .America

The Watchman and Southron
22 June 1910, image 2

The Watchman and Southron
24 June 1911, image 2

The news reports were on the school's graduation program. It lists all those who graduated and what awards were received. It also tells who performed in a "programme".
Etta McManus was listed in both years as having being part of either an "instrumental duo" or "instrumental trio". 
 What instrument did she play? The newspaper did not report on that but my Grandmother once told me that her mother played the piano. Perhaps she did just that.

Loretta "Etta McManus"
Graduation Picture
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  1. That's fantastic that you found information showing her performances. Maybe someday you will find something that corroborates your belief that she played piano. It seems we get most of our information a piece at a time.

    1. I hope so too! You are piece at a time. It' hard to be patient sometimes!

  2. Lovely. It sounds like Ella had fun, and in her photo she looks like a person who was not shy. Performing of any kind is a special talent -- it terrifies some people, and I respect that. Do any other members of your family play the piano?

    I so remember the Watchman and Southron. That newspaper reported the attempted murder of my grandfather in December 1908. Local newspapers are the best!

    1. Lots of different instruments plus singers in my family! It was so fun to find this little tid bit in the paper. Now I am trying to find more info about the school and hopefully school records.
      I am so glad that there is such a great effort to put these papers on line. They are such a help in getting to know the lives our people lived!
      Thanks Mariann!

    2. Thanks Cheri for all you do. Aunt Mildred said she played the piano, also. The picture of her looks just like my Lori. My girls play piano, sing and musical instruments. Runs in the family for sure. Love you, CHJ

    3. Lori does look like her! I had not noticed it before. Thank you so mush for your support. I love researching the family, not just the names and dates, but who they were and how they lived. I believe there is much to learn from those who went before us. Knowing who they were helps us know who we are.
      I hope to see you soon!