When we turn our hearts to our ancestors, something changes inside of us. We feel part of something greater than ourselves~Russell M. Nelson

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Celebrating Women's History Month- Words of Wisdom

Day 30 Blog Prompt from the The Accidental Genealogist

Did you receive any advice or words of wisdom from your female ancestor? 

I remember once talking to my Maternal Grandmother, Azile Juanita Daughrity Roberts Sullivan (1921-2009), about growing old. She said to me:
 "I don't feel old, I still feel the same as I did as a teenager! My body has just betrayed me!"
  I have thought about that often and realized it's true! Just because you are getting older, you don't have to feel or act old!

Azile Juanita Daughrity
Mid 1920's
© Cheri Hudson Passey

 My Paternal Grandmother, Mary Baker Hudson (1920-2010), put these words into action! Even in her 80's she was always going out somewhere. We would call her and she wouldn't be home because she was going out with friends. My Dad would say," Mother is out gallivanting somewhere!"

Mary Baker
About 1923
© Cheri Hudson Passey

  I hope I can be just like them! To remember that you are only as old as you feel and to keep living and having fun no matter what your age.
 Thanks Grandmom and Mimi for your great examples!

© Cheri Hudson Passey


  1. Oh, I so totally agree with your mom and grandmother. Old is just skin-deep, and you're still exactly the same person inside, plus you have a store of fun experiences and memories. So true! (Like Betty White.)

  2. Both of my Grandmothers were wonderful examples!
    Thanks Mariann!