Monday, March 25, 2013

Celebrating Women's History: Called to the Principles Office!

 Lisa Alzo at The Accidental Genealogist has this blog prompt for Day 25 of Celebrating Women's History Month:

Tell how a female ancestor interacted with her children. Was she loving or supportive? A disciplinarian? A bit of both?

  My Dad tells a funny story about his mother Mary Baker Hudson.  

Dad and his parents -About 1944
Benjamin Allen Hudson (1918-1976)
Mary Baker Hudson ( 1920-2010)
John Allen Hudson
© Cheri Hudson Passey

Dad was -as he will admit-a trouble maker at school and his neighborhood  My Grandmother, "Mimi" as we grandchildren called her, did her best to parent her strong willed, fun loving son.
 She must have known she was in trouble when in 5th grade Dad decided that his math test was too hard, told his teacher that he had to go to the bathroom, and climbed out the window and ran home! 
 One day when Dad was in High School, Mimi was called in for a meeting with the Principle to discuss my Dad's many absences. He pulled out a pile of written excuses that my Dad had  turned in and asked my Grandmother if it was her signature on each of these notes.
 Well, of course it wasn't-my Dad had been turning them in so he wouldn't get in trouble for skipping school and signing his Mother's name himself!
 He told me that she looked at the papers, looked at him, and then said to the Principle-Yes Sir, that's my signature.
 Ha! Ha! I think my sweet Mimi was an enabler! 
 This close call didn't stop him from his rebellious ways. His stories of pranks and trouble making are family lore. Mimi lovingly stood by him, supported him, and on many occasions covered for him.
  All in all she did a great job. As in the case of most Mothers, she is one of the reasons that he became the man he did. He is generous and kind. A loving father, grandfather and great grandfather. And that rebellious spirit? Oh, it's still in there! I am sure that has something to do with her as well!

© Cheri Hudson Passey


  1. What an absolutely darling story -- she said it was her signature! Score one for the loving family against a world too full of rules! When I look at the photo of your dad as a kid, I just want to cuddle him and buy him some ice cream.

    1. My Dad is quite the character! He still is that cute little boy!!