Wednesday, March 13, 2024

GenFriends Genealogy Chat Show: RootsTech Roundup!

The panel—Melissa Barker, Jenny Hawran, Laura Hedgecock, Mary Kircher Roddy, and I—share our varying experiences of being #RootsTech or #NotAtRootsTech!

Watch as we talk about the success of RootsTech 2024 and its offerings for all.


Did you participate in RootsTech 2024 either in person or virtually?

What are your takeaways?

We'd love to hear from you!

Links in this episode:

Rootstech: Catch up or rewatch!

LiveStream Recording: Where in the World? How to Research a New Location-

Cheri Hudson Passey

                                      The Homestead Act and Southern Black Homesteaders-Bernice Bennette

Webinars: Church Records in the Archives-Melissa Barker

                    Digging into Finding Aids: The Road Map to Any Manuscript Collections-Melissa Barker

Virtual Expo Hall

Upcoming Genealogy Education:

Applied Genealogy Institute-Virtual

National Genealogical Society Family History Conference-Virtual

Contact the panelists:

Melissa Barker -A Genealogist in the Archives

Jenny Hawran-Like Herding Cats Genealogy

Laura Hedgecock-Treasure Chest of Memories

Cheri Hudson Passey-Carolina Girl Genealogy

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