Friday, February 2, 2024

Creating Your RootsTech Schedule-Just Filter and Click


The schedule for RootsTech 2024 is out, and it's super easy to create your schedule to stay organized and not miss a thing! 
Begin by heading over to and signing in.
Then click on the dropdown menu on the top right to go to My Schedule.
From here, you will begin planning.

Remember, you can attend virtually or in person. Or both! Many of the sessions are being recorded, so you will have the opportunity to attend some in person and then watch the videos of others later. 

Choose the day you want to see what is available, then click on Full Schedule.

You will get a list of everything happening that day. Interested in a class and want to add it to your schedule? Just click on the +Schedule Button, and then voila! It's added for you and will appear under "My Schedule."

With so many choices, you can filter to skill level or look for a specific speaker in order to narrow down the choices. 

I added the classes I will be teaching each day to remember where I am supposed to be and when! I would love to see you at any of my presentations! Note: All times listed here are Eastern.
Times will be two hours earlier in Mountain Time if you are in Salt Lake City in person!

Here's where I will be on Thursday, February 29th:

There are several opportunities for us to connect on Friday, March 1:
(Notice that the second session I will be teaching for the day will be live streamed)

And my Saturday session:

Take some time to look through the many classes offered each day of Rootstech 2024 and plan your schedule. It will make your experience better to know where you need to be and when!

Whether in one of my sessions, hanging around the Expo Hall, during the opening sessions, or in the hallway, I hope to see you and catch up!

I hope you have an amazing experience at RootsTech 2024!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Helping you climb your family tree,

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