Wednesday, November 23, 2022

GenFriends Genealogy Chat Show: Relative Race Season 10-Team Reunion!


The panel Melissa Barker, Bernice Bennett, Dan Earl, Laura Hedgecock, and Mary Kircher Roddy welcome members of Teams Red, Black, and Blue to share more about their journeys on Relative Race and the challenges on Day 10!  We missed Team Green, who were planning on joining us but ended up with no internet in a mountain cabin with family!

Watch as we hear about Alex's meeting with his bio mom and get updates on family connections on and since the show from everyone.

We are so happy for each of the teams and are grateful for being able to follow their journies. Congratulations to Team Red for the win on Day 10!

Did you watch Day 10?

What was your favorite part?

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Links in this episode:

Relative Race Live

Fans of Relative Race

Contact the Panelists:

Melissa Barker-A Genealogist in the Archives

Bernice Bennett-Geniebroots

Dan Earl-Family History Guy

Laura Hedgecock-Treasure Chest of Memories

Mary Kircher Roddy-MKR Genealogy

Cheri Hudson Passey-Carolina Girl Genealogy

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