Sunday, May 30, 2021

Celebration Sunday -Genealogy Happy Dance!


You know the dance. You know you've done it. The one every researcher does after finding something new. The one where you want to jump up and down and shout to everyone around that you found the document, contacted a cousin who has the family Bible, made a DNA connection, or found a whole new branch to your tree. The one that is met with glazed stares and eye rolls.

                                                          Celebration Sunday is a place to share your discoveries. 
This is a weekly series to enable everyone to tell about their Genealogy Happy Dance moment. 
Share by scrolling down and adding your story to the comments section or you may also put a link to a blog post telling about what had you dancing this week.


My Happy Dance Moment for this week: 

As part of my work for the US Army Repatriation group, I have to reach out to a Soldier's family. Making contact is often difficult as addresses and phone numbers may have changed or people are suspicious of the phone messages and letters they are sent asking for help with the project. 
This week, I made one of those phone calls, hoping to connect with a DNA relative. The phone call was answered. Not only was this person willing to help with the case, but her mother, the Soldier's niece, and next of kin was in the car with her! And, she agreed to help out as well.  I also was given a couple of phone numbers of others who I had been looking for. One phone call and I was well on my way to being able to complete this case and turn it over to the Army to identity remains.  A HUGE happy dance!!

What's your Happy Dance Moment?
Please share and let's celebrate together!


                                                                                              Share your discovery!
                                                                                         Let the dancing commence!

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Looking forward to reading about your Happy Dance moment!

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