Wednesday, December 16, 2020

GenFriends: Genealogy Crafts with Mary Kircher Roddy


Panelist Mary Kircher Roddy leads the discussion and shares her ideas and methods for creating unique genealogy crafts. Cheri, Dan Earl, and Laura Hedgecock join in on the conversation and share their ideas. From Jewelry, lampshades to pillows, there's something for everyone! Watch as we share and learn some tips for repurposing items once owned by our ancestors and sharing their memories with our families.

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Mary's 2020 Christmas Ornament

Links in this Episode:


Vivid-Pix-Last Minute Holiday Crafts for Genealogists


11 Easy DIY Memory Crafts

Pinterest Board -memory crafts

 Repurposing Maps:  DIY projects Using Maps

 Family History Scrapbooking and papercrafts

Pinterest Board -Scrapbook and Paper Crafts

Contact the Panelists

Dan Earl-Family History Guy

Laura Hedgecock-Treasure Chest of Memories

Mary Kircher Roddy-MKR Genealogy

Cheri Hudson Passey-Carolina Girl Genealogy


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