Wednesday, October 14, 2020

GenFriends:Rebuilding the 1890 Census with Shelley Murphy


Cheri and the panel Melissa Barker, Bernice Bennett, Dan Earl, Laura Hedgecock, and Mary Kircher Roddy talk with Shelley Murphy about how to use the questions asked on the 1890 census and look for answers in other records.  As Shelly says, "It's really not missing!"

Using the information on the 1880 and 1900 census plus records created during the 20 year period we can get a good picture of what the answers may have been for each of the household members enumerated on the destroyed 1890 US Federal Census.

Watch as Shelley challenges the panel to come up with ideas on what types of records can be used to answer the questions asked on the 1890 Census. 

Links Mentioned in This Episode:

"How to Research in a Dry County" -Melissa Barker

Questions Asked in the 1890 Census.

Have you used other records to fill in the information that would have been contained in the 1890 Census? We'd love to hear from you!

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  1. I may have mis-heard or misunderstood your explanation as to what "Quadroon" and "Octroon" meant on early Census forms. A quadroon would indicate at least one grandparent of Color, an Octroon would indicate Great-parent of Color...I thought you said it meant 4 or 8 different ethnicities. Many people were mis-classified because census takers used appearances to make the determination....also many mixed race families were passing for White, so may be mislabeled.

    1. Thank you for your clarification. You are correct. Many times people were nus-classified. Lots of assuming going on. Thanks so much for your comement!