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Tuesday's Tips-Gettin' By with Help from Our Friends: Taralyn Parker

This edition of Tuesday's Tips comes to ous from Taralyin Parker blogger at KeepMovingForwardwithMe.com shares her tips for using Facebook Groups to help with your genealogy research.

Are you looking for a miracle? Have you hit a dead end and don't know where to turn? Facebook groups may have your answers! These groups can be a gold mine of information. Here are some of my favorite types of Facebook groups and tips on how to use them.

Facebook Group Lists:
A must-have resource is Katherine Wilson’s Genealogy Groups on Facebook List - https://socialmediagenealogy.com/genealogy-on-facebook-list/. This list is updated regularly and is a fantastic place to look for groups to join in the topics you are interested in. Want to collaborate with other Mayflower descendants – there’s a group for that! Interested in vintage memorabilia from a certain time period – there’s a group for that, too.  As of May 2020, it included 16,000 links. If you have a Facebook group yourself – make sure that you are on Katherine’s list!  

City Groups:
These groups are primarily focused on day to day happenings in an area, but can still be a useful resource. For example, if you have ancestors who lived in Spanish Fork, Utah, in the early 1900s, it may be useful to join the current Spanish Fork Community Facebook group. Local community members may be willing to help you locate a certain location or be able to answer questions. Great place to crowdsource information!  

Historical City Groups:
Some cities have a group to share local history and pictures. Use the Facebook search bar to look for last names or specific events. Scrolling through the pictures is also helpful. Even if you don’t find pictures of your own family, it is fun to see pictures from your family’s hometowns during the time periods that they lived there.   

Family Groups
Search for groups that include the last names in your family. You may even find long lost relatives. Can’t find any with your surnames? Start your own!

Genealogical Help Groups
There are many groups to assist with translation, decoding DNA results, and more. I have also found groups for beginners, for children, and for teens. Major genealogy companies like MyHeritage have groups where you are able to ask for assistance as well.

Family Photo Groups
You may love the groups where family photos and heirlooms are shared in an attempt to return them to descendants. These groups are a great way to serve and help others in the genealogy community. Doing a quick search for your family surnames may yield fun results for you.

High School Reunion Groups
High School reunion groups are mainly helpful with research from the 1950s onward. If you don’t have many pictures from your own childhood, you may find classmates who have posted their class pictures and memories in the class reunion group. This is a fantastic place to share your photos and memories as well. Great way to connect.

Whether you are excited to find Facebook groups or start your own, I hope these tips have been helpful to you. Social media is a fantastic resource for collaborating and sharing information.

Taralyn Parker is a journalist turned family historian who runs the blog Keep Moving Forward With MeWhether she is unraveling record clues or traveling to ancestors’ hometowns, Taralyn is passionate about sharing family history and stories. She is social media manager for her local Family History Center where she regularly teaches classes. Taralyn is a multi-year Rootstech ambassador who thoroughly enjoyed making her debut as a Rootstech speaker in 2020. As a founding member of the 21-Day Family Connections Experiment, Taralyn has been actively working during the COVID-19 crisis to help families continue to connect with each and discover their family history.

Thanks so much, Taralyn! These tips are so helpful!

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