Friday, April 17, 2020

Book Review:"Your DNA Guide the Book, Step by Step Plans to Connect with Your Family Using Your DNA" by Diahan Southard

Disclaimer: I received a copy of "Your DNA Guide the Book, Step by Step Plans to Connect with Your Family Using Your DNA" to review. No monetary compensation has or will be given.

Diahan Southard is well known for her DNA writings and lectures.
She's funny and down to earth. Her presentations are always filled with color and graphics and explain the sometimes overwhelming topic in a simple and easy way to understand.

And now? She's put her style into her first book on DNA.
This isn't your ordinary deep dive of what is DNA, what kinds of tests are out there and how to use them to find your family. While all those are great resources, this book is unique.
My first thought was this is just like the choose your own adventure books I used to read as a kid. You know the ones were you read to a certain part in a book and then have a choice as to which page to jump to?
Well, this book is similar.
After a few chapters on the basic information you need to know before searching, Diahan gives you a choice as to where to go next depending on what you are looking for! She walks you step by step through the process of using your matches to help find family connections.

Here's an example:
The chapter" Searching for Biological Parents" begins on page 30. On page 32 there are questions about what you are looking for, Your answers sending you to other pages-you are choosing your DNA adventure!
If you are a male and looking for your father- head to page 232, read the info and come back to pg.32 and proceed from there.
If you are looking for both parents go to page 57 and follow the instructions,
If you are looking for a birth parent and someone from the other side of the family has tested go to page 44, if not start with the steps on page 57.

Each move through the book leads you to the learning guides and research strategies for your DNA journey.

It's almost like having Diahn there to hold your and while you work your way through your matches and find your family!

Speaking of the research strategy stations, this book covers everything from Cheating Tools, Endogamy, Pedigree Collapse and so much more. Each chapter is written in a clear easy way to help you understand topics that can seem so complex.

Here's what you can find in the book:

I have to be honest here.
Although I understand much of the basic information on DNA and how to use it to find family members, there is much I need to learn.

Your DNA Guide the Book, Step by Step Plans to Connect with Your Family Using Your DNA" by Diahan Southard is just what I needed to help me over some of those gaps in my knowledge. She writes and illustrates in a down to earth, easy to comprehend way.
If you are seeking to understand how to use DNA to make family connections, I highly recommend this book.

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