Wednesday, October 2, 2019

GenFriends: Relative Race Season 6 Day 2-Special Guest Andre Kearns

Day 2 of Relative Race brings more cousin connections and sad news for Team Red.

Medieval Meyhem -the challenge for all of the teams for Day 2 caused some frustration for Team Blue.  Balls launched from a catapult were not cooperating and cost them some precious time. Chris from Team Green especially enjoyed launching the balls to knock down the castle towers!

From asking the mail lady who just happened to have had the route to the relative and led them there to jumping out of the car while stopped in traffic to ask for directions, the teams raced against the clock to see who they were meeting.
And of course, texting and selfies were a problem on those flip phones!

A penalty of 5 minutes was given to each team who didn't come in first on Day 1, so Dan texted each as they were en route and told them to pull over.  What do you do when you have to wait for 5 minutes when you know Team Blue is continuing on their way?
Team Black- just sat there. lol
Team Green-checked their maps.
Team Red-had a dance party on the side of the road!

We also got to see Team Green's notebook filled with all the notes they took in preparation for Season 6!

Who's Relative Are You?
Team Black: JD connects with a maternal cousin. She was his babysitter when he was a child!
Team Green: Chris meets a cousin, an unexpected connection for him.
Team Blue: Anitra adds more to her family tree after meeting another paternal cousin.
Team Red: Sadly, Ray meets a cousin who has to break the bad news that his biological mother had passed.
From photos, charts, and scrapbooks to fill along the way. Each team is adding more to their stories as they continue their journey.

Watch as GenFriends, Melissa Barker, Bernice Bennett and I welcome special guest Andre Kearns, Family Historian, and cousin of Team Blue's Anitra. 
Andre tells us how he made the connection and his experiences preparing for and the arrival of Team Blue. 

For more information about Andre Kearns click here.
Bernice's Interview with Andre on BlogTalk Radio can be listed to here.

Contact our panelists:
Melissa Barker-A Genealogist in the Archives
Cheri Hudson Passey-Carolina Girl Genealogy

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