Wednesday, September 25, 2019

GenFriends: Relative Race~Season 6-Day 1!

It's back! Season 6 of Relative Race has begun and so has our fun of getting together and discussing the teams, challenges and family connections.

Day 1 began at the Virginia International Speedway and got off to a roaring start!
Could you change out those tires?!?

We are already loving the teams! 
This time all are husband and wife and have at least one person looking for a birth parent.

Team BlueAnitra and Paul Louis, from North Carolina, are hoping to connect with Anitra's biological family since she was adopted. They have some very special plans if they win the $50, 000 on Day 10!  

Team Green is from Louisiana. Deshae and Chris Pardon are on the race to help Deshae locate anyone from her biological family. She wants to meet someone who looks like her.
The Pardons have prepared for this experience by studying the past seasons and creating a notebook full of plans and strategies to help them go all the way!

Team Red hails from Maryland. Ray and Nicole Campbell are hoping their journey leads them to discover information on Ray's biological parents. He was adopted at 3 months old and has felt like he's been second best all of his life. He knows that he has an older brother who was kept by his biological family. 

Team Black lives in Utah.  They are J.D. and Jenn Barms. Twelve years ago, J.D. was told by his grandmother that his father who raised him was not his biological father. J.D. is hoping to connect with his father and others of his family. 

Each team met important members of their families right from the start of their journey! 
Cousin connections all the way around.
One met a family member who is a genealogist and a friend of some on our panel!

This episode is a tear jerker-most aren't they? 
As Dan says, it's all about family.

Watch as Melissa Barker,  Shelley Murphy and I talk about Day 1! 

If you missed it or want to rewatch Day 1 here's the link: Relative Race.
Remember you can also download the app for your devices!

What are your thoughts about the teams and the relatives they met?
We'd love to hear from you!

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