Wednesday, March 20, 2019

RootsTech 2019-A Special Conference

RootsTech 2019-Connect~Belong. 
A Special Conference

Another RootsTech Conference has come to an end and as usual, I have come home exhausted but at the same time energized and fulfilled. 

Why all the hype about this conference? 
Why so many posts on the various social media platforms?
It's simple. There is a feeling at RootsTech that is tangible and contagious.  
What can Family History do for us? Watch this short video:


Some of the emotions we discover and feel as we learn about and share our family stories.

Now don't get me wrong, there are other worthwhile educational experiences out there that can teach you how to research, connect with your family and other genealogists and I would recommend you attend as many as you can.

The purpose of this post is to explain why RootsTech is special in its own way. 

1-Keynote speakers from various walks of life share their thoughts on family and the importance of connecting with ancestors. Their stories are heartwarming, entertaining and start the day with excitement to spend the rest of the day learning and socializing with others who share the same passion.  Each of these special guests is presented with information on their ancestors. Imagine learning about who your people are in front of alive audience! 

The keynotes for each day of RootsTech 2019 and previous years can be watched using this link.
Listen as their stories touch your heart. 
What stands out to you? 
Did you hear something that motivates and strengthens your desire to find your family?

2-Classes for all levels. With over 300 classes offered this year, there was sure to be something for everyone! This was my first year speaking and I was amazed at the kindness showed me by the other instructors and the attendees who came to listen to what I had to share. Many of the classes were recorded and can be seen using this link.

3-Expo Hall-You probably heard how big the Expo Hall is at RootsTech, but unless you've been there it's hard to envision!  There were vendors from all over the genealogy world. You can visit your favorite companies, learn from classes taught in their booths, talk with those representing new products and that have been around for a while. Many of your favorite speakers also have their own booths. Books, jewelry, and apparel for the genealogist were also represented! 

4-Special Events-Two special events were planned this year.  A screening of the movie 
   Gina's Journey: The Search for William Grimes was held on Thursday night. 
An emotional evening as the story of Gina's unrelenting work in getting the memories of her 3rd great grandfather published. It is the first slave narrative in US History.


On Friday a treat as BYU Ballroom Team was joined by Derek Hough. 

He surprised the audience by coming down and taking questions from his fans. 
He even did a little dancing with them!

5-A team that cares. Honestly, there were some problems at RootsTech last year. Long lines and crowded classrooms had some feeling frustrated.  Comments and feedback were encouraged, read and addressed. With the help of easier check-in, bigger classrooms, and the RootsTech Crew none of these problems exited this year. The team behind RootsTech really cares about their attendees and wants each person to have the best experience possible. Kudos to for understanding the issues and resolving them!

RootsTech is an experience all unto itself. 
It is a feeling that is tangible. 
It is people learning, connecting, finding out they belong and understanding lives can be healed through their family history journey.

Before leaving for RootsTech, I posted my top 10 reasons for going. 
You can read it here. Did it meet up with my expectations? It did and more.

A truly special conference. 

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