Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Favorite Name~Epaphroditus Canty

Epaphroditus Canty. What a first name! Son of my 7th great grandfather, John Canty (born about 1675) and grandson of the Irish immigrant Tiege Canty (1621-1679), Epaphroditus was born in the early 1700s, near Charleston, South Carolina. He is my 6th great grand uncle. 
Not much is known about Epaphroditus. 
Land records show him owning land on the Ashley River in St. James Parish in 1729. Other information about his life has not been uncovered.

Epaphroditus is a name from the Bible, it means handsome or agreeable. Not common today, it stands out in my genealogy database. 
Wonder if he had a nickname. That is a mouthful!

Did this distant cousin of mine have a wife and children? Are there descendants to remember him?
At this point, these questions remained unanswered. 
His unusual name was chosen for this week's #52Ancestors prompt "Favorite Name" from Amy Johnson Crow as a way to make sure he is not forgotten.

Do you have an Epaphroditus in your family tree? What about any unusual or favorite names?

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  1. That has to be the most unusual name I've heard. The names in my tree that are unusual to me were not unusual for their times, like Justice and Moses. The exception is my 3rd great-grandmother, Praxana Gordon, who was born about 1810 in Quebec, I've never come across another Praxana.

    1. Praxana. Wow! I'd love to hear the tale of how that name came to be!

  2. A favorite from my family tree is Burr Zelah, which has a wonderful melody to it. Unusual names like Epaphroditus are great because they can be easier to locate and you can be more certain you've found your man. I'd take Epaphroditus over Joe or Sam any day!