Monday, July 24, 2017

Dog Days of Summer~Did Your Ancestor Own Pets?

Animals have been a part of my family for several generations. 
Some of them are pictured below.
This circa 1912 photo of the Benjamin Thomas Thames (1854-1931) family features their dog sitting in the seat of the car.

Possibly the same family dog is included in the photo of Margaret Frances "Fannie" (Gibson) Thames (1854-1929) and grandson Benjamin Allen Hudson (1918-1976). This picture was taken in about 1920.

My paternal grandmother, Mary (Baker) Hudson (1920-2010) loved cats. I always remember her having one. Seems she started young! 

Later in life, my great grandparents, William Treadwell Roberts (1894-1959) and Beulah Mae (Price) Roberts (1897-1981) lived on a farm outside of Camden, South Carolina. Photos were taken of them and some of their animals.

William and cows.

Beulah, some of her grands and a cow.

Beulah feeding the chickens.

I remember visiting my great aunt, Auntie Kate -Kathryn Louise (Baker) Ryan (1898-1987) and being impressed with the tricks her dog "Jaques" could do.

My mom, Brenda Jean (Roberts) Sullivan with her dog "Sam."
My maternal grandparents Francis "Frank" Emerson Sullivan (1923-2004) and Azile Juanita (Daughrity) Roberts Sullivan (1921-2009) always had dogs and cats. 

"Sam" with them at the beach

Frank with "Patches."

Frank with "Toby."

Azile with "Lady."

Azile enjoyed the visits of therapy dogs in the nursing home.

I grew up with pets too.

Dad, John Allen Hudson, with "Suzie."
"Chum" and Mitzie Lee"
John and "Chum."
My parents are still enjoying their pets.

"Anna" watching John sleep
Just a couple of weeks ago, my husband, children and I welcomed the newest member of the family. Meet Bella Mae. She is a 3-month-old mini chocolate Beagle. 

Did your ancestors own pets? Leave your comment or link to a blog post below. This post was written and added to my August-Dog Days of Summer post on the In-Depth Genealogists Blog. Your responses will be a part of the recap post at the end of the month!

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  1. Cheri, those are adorable pictures. We grew up with a wide range of pets and various branches of the family had them also. After all, aren't pets a part of the family? We love them like they are. ha!

  2. Looking through your posts. Enjoyed looking at your photos of ancestors with pets. My great grandmother had pets. I even have a recording of her talking about an experience with her dog from 1944.

    1. How wonderful to have a recording! Thanks for reading and commenting!