Sunday, July 3, 2016

Celebration Sunday~Genealogy Happy Dance!

You know the dance. You know you've done it. The one every researcher does after finding something new. The one where you want to jump up and down and shout to everyone around that you found the document, contacted a cousin who has the family Bible, made a DNA connection or found a whole new branch to your tree. The one that is met with glazed stares and eye rolls.
                                                          Celebration Sunday is a place to share your discoveries. 
This is a weekly series to enable everyone to tell about their Genealogy Happy Dance moment. This can be done by scrolling down and adding your story to the comments section. You may also put a link to a blog post.

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My Happy Dance This Week:  Being introduced as a new writer for Going In Depth from the In-Depth Genealogist made my week! Being able to share my love for genealogy and the process of discovering ancestors is truly a reason to celebrate!

                                                                                           Share your discovery!
                                                                                   Let the dancing commence!

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Together we can find our people.
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  1. Cheri, I've been waiting impatiently since Thursday for your weekly post! The reason I'm doing the genealogy happy dance won't be revealed until Monday July 11. Two new discoveries meant I had to write another post which will be squeezed in between tomorrow's planned post and the one which was to follow. A 3 part series is now 4 parts. Don't mind the new discoveries but I hope this doesn't become a never ending story. ~ Cathy

    1. Cathy, those are the best kind! Can't wait to find out all about it! Thanks for sharing! Doing that dance with you!

  2. I am SO excited doing the Happy Dance this past week! :)
    Last Sunday night at about 11:30pm CDT, I found my mom's birth mom!!! :) Yes, her biological mom, Lillian Dell. :)

    Working feverishly through the night, I proceeded to find Lillian's parents and her siblings in South and North Dakota. I also found the names of both her paternal and maternal grandparents!

    You can only imagine the squeals and the screams transmitted through the dark of night in the gentle breeze.

    So, to make a long story & processes short ...
    My DNA of 92% European (German) of which I was thinking the results would come back with assuming the surname of DELL was Irish...DNA combine with doing genealogy research paper trail equals a HUGE find!

    Without going into the details, just let me say one more piece of advice that I received (which the originator of the phrase being Thomas W. Jones was whispering in my ear last Sunday night):
    》》》Do not have source snobbery when doing genealogy!!!
    And do your DNA, even if only to discover your ethnicity, as was my goal.

    Had I been snobbery and not clicked on the ONE source late that night, I would've NOT found my mom's biological family!

    Happy Hunting (ahem, Dancing),
    ;o) Valerie Eichler Lair
    Val's Roots Professional Genealogy Services

    1. I am so happy for you!! What a week you've had! Jumping up and down with joy for you!!! Happy Dance for sure! Thanks for sharing, Val. Can't wait to see where this leads you!

  3. Late last night, I added another surname to my tree by a sixth great-grandmother. She would also be the earliest on my mitochondria line (I never did a test; all paper). Through her marriage record, I found her name was Krystyna Podbielska and she was born about 1750 in Cieciorkach Dąb, parafia Zambrów, Poland. I probably also have her parents' names but I need to prove it by getting the marriage record off microfilm. Keeping my fingers crossed as it's hard to get back farther than that time in Polish records. I wish my grandmother was here to see my HAPPY DANCE !

    1. 1750! Magda that is absolutely worthy of a Happy Dance! Hope you find what you need to move back that next generation. Thanks so much for sharing your find this week. I'm sure your grandmother is dancing with you! I know I am!!

  4. Here is what I'm dancing about!

    1. What a timely find! A minute man and a patriot . Congratulations, Christine! Thanks for sharing. Putting my dancing shoes on!