Saturday, November 10, 2012

To Honor Those Who Served

             My Family's Veterans                                    

Viet Nam

John Allen Hudson

Gilbert Ernest Roberts ( 1920-1944)
Gilbert Ernest Roberts (1920-1944)
Benjamin Allen Hudson (1918-1976)
Benjamin Allen Hudson (1918-1976)


Frank Emerson Sullivan, Jr.  (1923-2004)
Frank Emerson Sullivan, Jr. (1923-2004)

Frank Emerson Sullivan, Sr (1880-1925)
South Carolina Pvt. 6 INF

Civil War

Alpheus Baker (1824-1917)
 Alpheus Baker (1824-1917)
South Carolina

Thomas L. Thames (1827-1863) 
Died from illness as a result of the war.
South Carolina 
Muster Roll 
Benjamin Reese Gibson (1824-1907)
 South Carolina
Muster Roll

page 1

 South Carolina Civil War Widow's Pension Application 24 May 1919
The pension was sought by Mary Dority who was the widow of Manning David Dority (1844-1919)

pg. 2

William J. Dority  (1820-before 1897) South Carolina
Muster Roll

   April 1935 newspaper interview of Emma Ergle Williamson, daughter of George David Ergle.

George David Ergle  (1827-1888)  South Carolina
Daughter Emma's Personal Account
The Aiken Standard and S.C. Gazette
Article: The Centennial Museum
5 April 1935  pg.2

Revolutionary War:

Phillip Roberts (1763-1854) South Carolina
Bounty Land Record in payment for service in Revolutionary War

Jacob Brazell  (d. 1784) South Carolina
Revolutionary War Pay Roll

                                        More Revolutionary War Soldiers:
                                       John Jacob Ergle (d.1837)  South Carolina
                                       Lt. John Frierson  (1727-1797 )  South Carolina
                                       Jesse Baker (b.1742)  South Carolina
                                      William Baker (d.1833) South Carolina
                                      Anthony Lee (d. 1805) South Carolina
                                      John Bradford (1758-1837) North Carolina
                                      William Vaughn (1764-1857)  South Carolina
                                      William Strother( b.1730) South Carolina
                                      John Marion, Jr. ( 1738- 1780) South Carolina

Other Military Service

State Militia 1759 Cherokee Expedition- Anthony Lee (died 1805)  South Carolina
Charles City County Militia- Capt. Richard Bradford Jr.(1600-1774) Virginia

 As I continue to research the lives of my ancestors I am sure I will find others who served or were willing to serve if called to do so.
I am grateful to each of them for a family legacy of service.


  1. I admire the way you have an "honor roll" of photos here. A father who served in Vietnam, and then back through the generations in all the major wars. It is amazing to me how huge wars have been so central to this country's history, and continue to be. Maybe Afghanistan could be the last (I wish). But given the chronicle of our wars, you have preserved your ancestors' service records with great care. Thank you for letting us see them.

  2. Thanks Mariann! I am so proud of the service that my ancestors gave!

  3. Hello Cheri Hudson Passey,

    This is a wonderful "honor roll" of photos, as Mariann has mentioned.

    The story told by the pictures is poignant and thought provoking. Thanks for sharing!

    Peace & Blessings,
    "Guided by the Ancestors"

  4. It is a sobering list. To think of all the men affected by war since the beginning of this country. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Thank you for sharing your ancestors service to our country.

  6. Thank you George, Kristen and Vickie for your comments. I really appreciate you taking the time to read my blog!

  7. Love the Honor and Tribute to your ancestors that have served in the military. This is a great idea for a blog post. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Thanks Yvette for reading my blog and leaving a comment. I am so grateful for each of my ancestors!