Wednesday, February 3, 2021

GenFriends: Nathan Dylan Goodwin-"The Chester Creek Murders"


On this episode of GenFriends the panel Melissa Barker, Bernice Bennett, Laura Hedgecock, Shelley Murphy, Mary Kircher Roddy and I welcome Genealogical Crime Mystery author Nathan Dylan Goodwin to talk about his new book "The Chester Creek Murders".

Watch as Nathan shares how the idea for an Investigative Genetic Genealogy series came to be, his writing process, and his thoughts on future books in this Venator series. Plus we get some hints about Morton's next adventure in book 9 of the Forensic Genealogist Series!

Have you read any of Nathan's books? (and if you haven't, you REALLY should!)

Which is your favorite?

We'd love to hear from you!

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  1. I have read only three of Goodwin's Morton Farrier Series. They have all engaged me. What keeps me coming back is his inclusion of sound genealogical research. Even though I live in the US I have found research tips in all of what I've read.

    You can not imagine my excitement regarding The Chester Creek Murders. I am a huge fan of cold case mysteries and the use of genetic genealogy to solve crimes. Add that this first in a series takes place in Salt Lake City, features a Detective with unsolved murders who contacts Venator, an investigative genetic company; I bought the book immediately. Life has been getting in the way but I'm almost done. The detail Maddie, Madison-Scott-Barnhart and her team at Venator use to build several generation trees is phenomenal. Excellent genealogical research without reading like a textbook. I will be referring back to the methodology of this case to find the serial killer. I'll also be back to watch the discussion here after I finish the book.

  2. I agree with your assessment of Nathan's books. Thank you for your comments. I wwill pass them along for Nathan to read. Thanks for watching and taking the time to post your thoughts.