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GenFriends: A New Leaf Episode 3 and Relative Race Season 6: Day 5

GenFriends, Melissa Barker, Shelley Murphy, Mary Kircher Roddy and I had so much fun discussing this week's genealogy TV.

Before we began, we had to take a few minutes to honor our friend Mary Kircher Roddy who recently received her Certified Genealogist credential! We are so proud of her and knew she could do the work it takes to earn the title.  On top of that, she had an article published in the
National Genealogical Society Quarterly Magazine! The photo of her great grandmother graces the cover.
We are so proud of you Mary!
You can find out more about the NGSQ magazine and how you can get this important publication by clicking here.

On to the 3rd episode of A New Leaf. This week a young man named Joseph Carnegay was curious about his father's family. He wanted to know if the family story that they were related to the philanthropist Andrew Carnegie was true.   Ancestry DNA showed that he had 17% Scottish/Irish ancestry. Andrew Carnegie's family was from Scotland.
Creating an ancestry tree showed that the family name was indeed theirs and that Joseph and Andrew Carnegie shared a 6th great grandfather, James Carnegie. This connection makes Joseph and Andrew 7th cousins 5 times removed.  Joseph is related to Andrew Carnegie.
Joseph wanted to share this information with his father and was able to do so.
Family stories can be untrue, or like this one, researched and proved to have substance.

If you missed this episode of A New Leaf, you can watch it here.

Relative Race Day 5 was an emotional roller coaster ride!

Team Green's DeShae found out that her Uncle Gary was actually looking for a daughter! He told DeShae that he was hoping when he was contacted by the show that it would be her.
You can bet DeShae and Chris will do all that they can to help Uncle Gary find his daughter.
They were very excited to be off to Louisianna for the next leg of their race!

Nicole and Ray from Team Red left their relatives home with the knowledge of having won a tip form the upcoming challenge that day. They were told where to find it and it was .....chopsticks!
They did come into play later in the day! Ray and Nicole were headed to Winston-Salem, NC.

Team Blue received a gift of plants form Anitra's cousin who told her "the plants are like a new relationship, if you water and take care of it, it will grow" Love it! They then were off to Rock Hill, SC where Anitra grew up!

J.D. of Team Black expressed how hard it was to leave his sister on Day 5. A promise of meeting halfway in a month's time helped him off for the next leg in Colorado. Before leaving she presented him with photos of their meeting the previous day. So moving!

The teams seem to have their selfies down pat and moved quickly to their challenge.
The Sumo Slack Line!  Each team member was in huge Sumo suits and had to walk along a line to grab a piece of sushi with -you guessed it-chopsticks! After grabbing the food they had to walk back down the slackline and put it on a plate. Retrieve 4 and you were finished.
Not as easy as one might think with those overblown Sumo suits on.  Nice to have some comedy relief!

Team Green's Chris was able to meet another family member. This time a second cousin who had been adopted. She told Chris that he was the first biological family member she had ever met. And, now because of him, she was going to be able to connect with family! We love it when others are helped by the show as well as the teams!

Ray from Team Red met a cousin on his mother's side. She was able to share with him more about his mother's life including a proclamation naming a day after her in the town she was from. He also was able to see a photo of his grandfather and get his name to add to his chart. Watching Ray add names to his pedigree chart is so touching!

Team Black's J.D. met a cousin who was able to show him a photo of his father as a young boy. In it were his grandparents and an aunt. The cousin told him that if he talked to his Aunt Linda, he would be able to find out much more information on his father.  J.D.'s love and acceptance of each of his new family members is heartwarming. We are so happy for him!

The meeting of the relatives was emotional and had us in tears and then Anitra and Paul pulled up to their relative's house. Anitra asked "whose relative are you?" and was told, " I am your sister".
Que the tears-again! How could we not cry when they just stood and held each other and took in and processed the moment. After a time, they were able to talk and Anitra learned her mother had died at the age of 22 in an accident that caused a heart attack. All those years she asked her sister was being raised by her mom now had a new story. The sister, in fact, was raised by her grandmother.
They have much to catch up on and hopefully, Anitra will get the answers she needs.

Day 5 was an emotional journey for each of the teams and ended as usual with the Skype call as each team shared who they met and showed support and love for each other.
But, someone had to come in last so the results were announced.
In first place was Team Blue who will receive a next day benefit of getting step by step directions to their relative's house on Day 6.
Second Place went to Team Black
Third to Team Green
And last to Team Red giving them two strikes.

Dan then told them there would be something different in their cars the next day!
Wonder what it could be?

If you missed watching Day 6 you can do so here.

Watch as GenFriends discusses these episodes:

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