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GenFriends: A New Leaf-Episode 2 & Relative Race Season 6-Day 4

This week Melissa Barker and Shelley Murphy join me to discuss two genealogy TV shows.
First, we talk about A New Leaf Episode 2.  This time we join Anthony as he desires to learn more about his southern roots. He and his wife Jasmine are ready to start a family and would like to be able to tell their children about their family history. Jasmine knows much about her Philippine heritage, but Anthony knows little about his. The folks at Ancestry were able to extend his paternal line to a soldier in the Revolutionary War. It seems Anthony has longevity genes in his line as two of his ancestors lived to be over 100 years old. Anthony is able to learn about a Civil War ancestor who deserted the Confederacy and join the Union Army and how his Revolutionary War ancestor ended up in Kentucky by receiving Bounty Land for his service. Anthony is a comedian and wanted to take what he learned about his family history and use it in his routine. He was able to do just that and show his audience photos of those in his paternal line.

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Day 4 of Relative Race was stressful and emotional for the teams.
As usual, they had us laughing, and crying with them!

Team Black started out the day with the advantage of not having to take their city selfie.
Before leaving her cousin's home, Jenn was gifted with needlework from her great grandmother. What a treasure! She remarked that it made her seem more real to her.
We all agree that it is amazing to hold something our ancestor's once held.

Team Green left DeShae's Uncle Dave with gratitude for finding another member of her family but still looking for information on her biological parents. 

Team Blue started Day 4 with a dance party! Anitra and cousin LaShandra celebrated finding each other but they quickly realized they had to finish packing!

Team Red was ready to go! They were packed and in their car as they waited for Dan's text letting them know where they would be traveling to find their next relative!

Frustrations came for all four teams as the day progressed.  Funeral processions, traffic jams, accidentally going to the wrong address and not being able to locate the correct street all played a part in a very difficult day.

The challenge didn't help!  Sling and Fling was crazy! Sitting on a cart, one team member had to pull back on a slingshot and fling the other across the room while they threw balls at targets. They had to hit 8 to complete the task.  Antira commented that she hoped the camera caught her almost dying when she and the cart hit the wall. As a matter of fact, everyone was hitting the wall!   DeShae hit the wall emotionally and had to take a few minutes to get herself together. It looked as if she may have had a panic attack as she was hyperventilating. All teams finally made it through and were off to meet their relatives.

Comedy relief came from Team Blue as Paul shared his version of Siri giving directions a la Anitra! So funny! Apparently, DeShae is not fond of whistling -she gave Chris a death glare as he was whistling his way along the open road! I feel for you DeShae! lol!

Team Blue's Anitra met yet another cousin on her biological father's side!
She said she is feeling "fuller and fuller".
Ray from Team Red met a first cousin who told him he looked just like their shared grandmother! This seemed to help Ray feel more connected and centered than he has so far in the journey. It was wonderful to watch him add another name to his chart!
DeShae, Team Green, met another uncle! She is slowly crossing people off her list of possibilities! Unfortunately, he was not able to help her identify which of his siblings is her biological parent.
Team Black's JD was introduced to his sister! The resemblance was amazing! He also learned he had a brother as well who looked so much like him! JD remarked he felt more complete and at peace. What an experience to witness. 
We are grateful that all the teams are sharing their stories!

The Skype call was emotional as each team talked about the stressful events of the day and introduced their newfound relatives. Again, we were so touched with the bonding that has taken place between these 4 teams.

The results had Team Red coming in first place and earning the benefit for Day 5 of help with the challenge. No other information on that except for it will be some kind of tip to help them get through it easier.  That should really help with Team Red's time on Day 5!
In second place was Team Blue
Third, Team Black who had such a hard time when they mistook the street name and went to the wrong side of town.
And, in last place was Team Green. DeShae and Chris received their first strike, making a hard day even harder.
Each team now has a strike.

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Did you know that Team Blue-Paul and Anitra are doing a Podcast called 
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We'd love to hear your thoughts about Day 4!
Didn't get to see it or want to watch it again?
Here's the link.  Or download the app.

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